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BTS | Gower Quest | Summer Summit Videos

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

The Gowers are in the building! Or at least they were when we recorded this week’s BTS!

Join Mod Jack and Mod Moltare for a behind-the-scenes preview of the upcoming Gower Quest that features the original founders of RuneScape who are in need of your help to investigate frightful goings on with Gielinor’s cabbages!

Summer Summit Recap Videos

If you somehow missed out on our marathon live stream last Saturday, fear not! Videos, like the one above, covering the key announcements of the stream are going up on the RuneScape YouTube channel right now. Remember that the stream also covered Idle Adventures and Chronicle, so check them out for all the news.

Podcast - Elder Gods, More Music & the Macro Ban Initiative

This week’s podcast features the lore corner discussing the Elder Gods, Mod Stu revealing his favourite music from the game and the Player Support team talking about the upcoming Macro Ban Initiative.

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Have a great weekend, guys!

The RuneScape Team