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Telos Trailer | Developer Q&A | Weekly Deals

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

The depths of Gielinor are rumbling as the mighty solo boss Telos is on the way. Check out the trailer for this anima-guarding monstrosity and get ready to take him on in a deadly struggle for Gielinor and some much sought-after plunder.

Developer Q&A | Rewards of Telos – Tier 92 God Weapons!

If you want a know a little more about the rewards of overcoming Telos, the lads of The Watch are here to help. Check out their recent developer Q&A foray!

Solomon’s Store | Weekly Deals – Up to 60% off

Up to 60% in our weekly deals!

It’s weekly deals time! This weekend in Solomon’s Store, get up to 60% off some superb items including the Repentant Beast pet and Duke and Duchess titles at the lowest prices they’ve seen yet! Head over to the store for a good peruse!

Take it easy this weekend, you’ll need to be at your best for Telos!

The RuneScape Team