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WIN - a life-sized Arc weapon by designing your own Arc island!

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

We’re really excited for the launch of the Arc islands on July 25th, so we wanted to get your creative juices flowing in preparation for your first voyage into the Eastern Lands!

Here’s your chance to win an amazing life-sized Mizuyari - one of the spear-like weapons you’ll be able to get your hands on when you explore the Arc.

Mizuyari weapon concept art

The Arc will allow you to venture to RuneScape’s Eastern Lands like never before. Voyage to resource-rich new islands, explore their bounty, and claim them as your own.

So, if you could design your own island to explore and call your own, what would you have on it?

Get creative: think about your island’s shape, resources, and inhabitants (both human and monster!) Send your ideas to ., or upload them to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MyArcIsland.

The winner will receive 3 months’ membership and the real-life version of the Mizuyari weapon. Two runners-up will win a month’s membership and a Bond each!

Let’s get exploring! Good luck!


Please check out our competition terms and conditions, as well as our FAQ before entering.