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Clan Cup - Begins October 10th – Register Now!

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Each year RuneScape's clans are called on to compete in battles of skill, nerve and tenacity. Now, that time has come again. Get ready for the Clan Cup 2016 and this year it’s run by the players themselves.

Key Information

Registration for this year’s clan cup is now open, closing on the 7th October.

Visit the Clan Cup 2016 forum section to finds the sign-up threads for each competition.

The event then begins on the 10th October and will run over several weeks.

What is the Clan Cup?

The Clan Cup is an annual tournament where RuneScape clans do battle for fun and glory.

Clans of all experience levels are welcome to compete. While some of the highest-ranking clans will certainly be participating, there will be something fun and exciting for everyone to take part in throughout the tournament.

This year the event is being organised by players. For more information on this, see the forum thread.

We will be running several different types of competition. will include:

  • PvP Cups - clan wars knockout tournaments in F2P or P2P and EoC or Legacy modes.
  • PvM Cup - a different boss challenge each week.
  • Combined Cup - a knockout tournament in the minigame Stealing Creation.

To discuss this year’s event and to find out more, visit the Clan Cup forums.

Organisers may also be contacted via in-game friends chat at ClanCup_2016 or via Twitter @ClanCup16.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Clan Wars 16 Team