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Treasure Hunter | Sunfury Armour

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Look for Solar Flares this week and use them to create the scorching and pretty, upgradeable cosmetic Sunfury armour set, complete with cape and shield.

Use your Treasure Hunter Keys from 00:00 UTC on Thursday 29th September until 23:59 UTC on Monday 3rd October to pick up solar flares. Click them in your inventory to make parts of the Sunfury set. You can earn additional solar flares by training Divination.

Upgrading your armour

It’s already bright and wondrous but it could be brighter still! Give it some extra shine by training Prayer while wearing it.

Quicken the upgrading process by adding gems of aspiration to the armour. These can be created by converting solar flares via a right-click option.

It will take 35,000 sanctification points to upgrade the armour. Around 5 minutes of Prayer skilling while wearing at least one piece of the Sunfury Armour earns you 50 points, and each gem of aspiration consumed in your inventory will give you 500 points.


Should you have any excess solar flares you can convert them into Prayer or Divination XP via the right-click command ’Get XP’.

You've got two weeks after the end of the promotion in which to unlock the Sunfury Armour or upgrade it before the solar flares and gems of aspiration disappear, but you can earn points to upgrade them at your leisure afterwards through Prayer training.

Sunfury with shield

We hope you enjoy this chance to get your hands on an awesome cosmetic set.

The RuneScape Team

What is Treasure Hunter?

Treasure Hunter is playable from within RuneScape, allowing players to use Keys to claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.

Playing Treasure Hunter is simple - click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. If you've not played before, just follow the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more Keys while playing the game, or stock up by redeeming Bonds.

If you'd like more, you can also buy Keys on the website, or by clicking 'Buy Keys' within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.