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Solomon’s Store – October’s Update | Crystal Peacock Weapons | October Free Item

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Let’s rock into October with a preview of all the weekly deals that will be hitting Solomon’s Store over the course of this month, plus the last of the Crystal Peacock set – the awesome weapons – exclusive to game cards from 1st October.

Free Item For Members

October contains Halloween so how apt is it that this month’s free item for Gold Premier Club and RuneScape members is the Werewolf Transformation?

Your free item will be available from Saturday 1st October until Monday 31st October, so be sure to claim it before it returns to its usual price.

Deals Preview

Head to Solomon's General Store for our first batch of weekly deals in October. We have 25 items going on sale throughout the month, saving you up to 75% on selected items! There are plenty of discounts and first-time sale items for you to choose from, so make sure you check in often to bag yourself a bargain.

Sales will update every Friday at 13:00 UTC, with selected items from the list below included each week. Check back regularly to see which of these bargains are up for grabs each week.

Rune Coin Deals
ItemCategoriesTotal DiscountSale Price in RC (F2P)Sale Price in RC (Members)
TokHaar Warlord Outfit 75% 73 65
Actors Emote Pack Emotes 60% 88 80
Dragged Under Teleport Animation 60% 202 182
Masterwork Music Box Equipment 60% 48 43
Skypouncer Pet 50% 541 487
Clan Citadel Booster Equipment 40% 60 60
Heroic Crit Pack Pack 50% 180 117
Ancient Outfit Outfit 25% 300 270
Inari Pet 50% 190 171
Demonic Claw Hairstyle 60% 56 50
Cute Bunny Emotes 50% 44 40
Paradox Wings Accessories 50% 110 99
Solarius Shield Combat Gear 60% 78 70
Loyalty Point Deals
ItemCategoriesTotal DiscountSale Price in LP
Scarecrow Mask Accessories 25% 22,752
Party Pack Equipment 50% 4800
Overlord Title 50% 9000
Wunderkind Title 75% 12,500
Witch King / Witch Queen Title 60% 20,000
Supreme Tracker Aura 40% 36,600
Divine Gaze Effects 40% 10,800

Game Cards - Crystal Peacock Weapons

Did you know you can use a game card for more than just membership? They can be used for Treasure Hunter Keys and RuneCoins too!

Get your hands on any game card from 1 October until 31st October and redeem it to also receive the Crystal Peacock Weapon sets.

All information about where to buy and how to activate a RuneScape game card can be found on store locator page.

Please note – Gold Premier Club members will receive the Crystal Peacock weapons as they are released in batches after the game update

Crystal Peacock Weapons

Enjoy these offers and let us know what you think on the forums.

The RuneScape Team