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Patch Week | Ironman Outfits | Halloween Short-Story Competition

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

It’s a patch week, so for all the latest fixes and improvements, head over to the forum thread in the usual place.

Read on for information about an awesome outfit for Ironman players, our annual Halloween story contest and the usual live-streaming information.

Patch Week

A ton of fixes and improvements arrive in game today covering all sorts of content. Here are just a few from each section with full notes being available on the forum.


The Wilderness Sword now correctly works with trying to locate the Wildywyrm.

The Arc Chapter 2

Undead chickens on Goshima now lay pickled eggs

A healing area has been added to the Cyclosis banker

Receiving contracts now requires 90 Farming as well as 86 Cooking

Wobbegong oil and shiny tortle shell bowl transmutation now transmutes ten items at a time

Nomad Hard Mode + Currency Pouch

The ability to reset Memory of Nomad with weekly reset tokens is now correctly reset with the weekly reset token reset

The symbol for "Uncharted isle supplies" in the currency pouch has been corrected


Halberds no longer require a Strength level alongside their Attack level requirement

Intercept can no longer be cast on an enemy player in the Castle Wars or Soul Wars minigames


Slayer XP awarded from completing Soul Reaper assignments is no longer halved

Ninja Fixes

Champions' Challenge reward XP is now paid out in lamp form

It is now possible to destroy auras which aren't on cooldown and reclaim them from the Loyalty Store off cooldown – ready for use

It is now possible to receive the Medium Wilderness Task Set Agility buff by having the Wilderness Sword in your inventory

Having insufficient runes no longer unsets any autocasts you have active

It is now possible to view your opponent’s inventory and worn items in the duel challenge interface.

Interfaces will no longer move slightly when logging in


Barrows pets are now accessible via the Boss Pets filter on the Customisations interface

Win a Real-Life Golden Scythe – Halloween Short Story Competition

October is here, and that means it’s time for our annual Halloween Short Story Competition!

This year, your prize is a real-life golden scythe.

To be in with your chance to win, all you need to do is write a Halloween horror story with a maximum of 200 characters (includes spaces).

The story judged to be the spookiest will win the golden scythe, and another story will win a RuneScape Bond.

The competition ends on the 1st November, after which we'll choose the two winners.

We look forward to seeing your entries - good luck!

Ironman Mode Birthday Celebration

If you took advantage of last week’s Ironman birthday celebration offer, you should receive your 2 weeks of free membership today.

For anyone new to Ironman mode or just curious about playing RuneScape in a more challengeing way, there is a handy reference page with all you need to know about it.

Also a reminder that if you sign up to Ironman or Hardcore Ironman at any point or simply have an account, you will get one of two cosmetic armour overrides. They show off your presigious Ironman status, but will – of course - vanish from your account should you quit Ironman or die in Hardcore mode!

Patch Notes

Patch notes for today’s update can be found on the forum.

This week’s live streams

Watch streams and find a full schedule over on the Twitch channel. Check

, too, for videos you may have missed like one with all the survey stats that we shared with you in last week’s Q&A. This week, it’s all about Halloween. Prepare for a scare!

Tuesday, October 18th| 16:00 Game Time | Halloween Q&A

Find out what we’ve got planned for you this this Halloween, including a grotesque Invention-themed event, and your chance to walk like a zombie.

Post any questions you have about it in the forum thread, on Reddit, or by using the #RSQA hashtag on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 18th| 17:00 Game Time | The Loot from 5,000 Medium Clue Scrolls

Welcome to Cluetober! This week, we’ll be showing you the loot from 5,000 medium clue scrolls. Join us from 17:00 UTC for all the fun.

Friday, October 21st | 20:00 Game Time | Update preview with Mod Shauny

Find out what you can expect from Monday’s patches and more with Mod Shauny this Friday night.

Sunday, October 23rd| 19:00 Game Time | PvM with Mod Lee!

Mod Lee will be hosting some Community PvM goodness live on Twitch.

In Other News

Fresh RuneScape Wallpapers

We’ve uploaded some new wallpapers and Twitter headers to our Flickr account, including the new Dagannoth King rework, The Arc, and Kindred Spirits. Find them all on the RuneScape Flickr account.

Have a great week and be sure to check out our Solomon's Store news post, featuring an awesome spider item promotion with RuneCoins and the swashbuckling privateer outfit and weapon sets.

The Rune Scape Team