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OSRS Gather Rank Duties (Important)

Written by Mark 4785 on . Posted in RuneNation News

Over the next few days the OSRS Gather Clan Chat and RuneGuru management will be introducing tiered duties and responsibilities to many of the specialist roles that a person may have applied for or earned. The roles effected are as follows:

  • Captain
  • General
  • Event Organizer
  • TeamSpeak Moderator
  • Forum Moderator
  • Leader
  • Author


These duties and responsibilities will be manageable and reasonable and will revolve around 'doing your bit' to make our Community fun and enjoyable for all that visit us. We will be checking up on who completes their rank duties continually to determine whether the user should be demoted or promoted as we are looking for only the best to help make RuneGuru, our  in-game CC and other site features a fun and immersive experience!

If you hold one of the above Ranks, your duties will be shortly published on the Community Duties Forum.

If you currently do not hold any of the above roles, please Click Here to Apply today!


In other news...

  • Due to the increased content that RuneGuru has experienced, mainly thanks to Raven (Founder) combined with Search Engine Optimisation techniques undertaken by Mark4785 (Founder) the number of unique visitors to RuneGuru has increased by 500% so far this month (1st of September through to 18th of September) compared to the whole of August!
  • To avoid confusion, Forum Ranks that are assigned according to Post Count have been temporarily disabled.