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Old School RuneScape Skilling Competition [Winners]

Written by Mark 4785 on . Posted in RuneNation News

The Old School RuneScape Skilling Competition hosted for RuneGuru by Hustler Goon was a huge success with 10 participants battling it out to gain the prestigious 1st place by gaining the largest amount of Hunter XP!

There were of course runner-up prizes for those who reached 2nd, 3rd, 4th of 5th position to acknowledge the effort that was put in.


In 1st place was Santorme9 with a whopping 2.8 million XP gained over the course of the competition. The prize for 1st place for a much deserved 15 million coins.




In 2nd place was J T S with 730k XP gained over the course of the competition. The prize for 2nd place was a generous 10 million coins.




In 3rd place was Huster Goon with 452k XP gained. The prize for 3rd place was 5 million coins.


The person to finish in 4th place was Dam its Jack with 350k XP with a prize of 1 million coins

The person to finish 5th was Lophophora with 33.5k XP with a prize of 500k of coins.


Thank you to all who participated and a big thanks to the Huster Goon of the RuneGuru Clan Chat for hosting this brilliant skilling event!