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Find Santa Claus at

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in RuneNation News

For everyday starting from the 10th of December through to the 25th of December, a cheerful Santa Claus will shroud himself amongst the content of

He will be located anywhere that is accessible to a registered and logged in Member of and will be carrying with him a random Old School RuneScape item in his bag of goodies!

It is your task to find him and the first person to do so will be the recipient of a gladly relinquished gift that will be  presented at the earliest RuneNation Meeting!



How to Participate:


  • Simply log into your RuneGuru Account, Navigate to the Events menu and hit the Attend button for the Find Santa Claus Event.


  • Then between the 10th of December and 25th of December between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM RuneGuru O'Clock look out for Santa Claus among our content.


  • If you do find him, click on him to reveal the prize and wait for a Founder or Leader to confirm to you that you are the 1st person to uncover the whereabouts of Santa. Do NOT leave the chat dialogue UNTIL a Founder or Leader has spoken to you!



Where will Winners be Announced?:


  • Each and every Winner will be announced on the Find Santa Claus Event entry.