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RuneGuru Rank Status

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in RuneNation News

If you have logged into today you will have noticed that a box has appeared with your Primary Rank Status.

A Primary Rank, or PR for short, is a display of your present rank in the RuneGuru Clan Chat in Old School RuneScape. 



So a Corporal in the CC will have a PR Status that looks like so:-


The CC ranks of Smiley, Recruit, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant and General will be able to see their PR status box when logged in. The box also comprises links to advisory guides that explain the different ways in which you can earn a higher PR in the RuneGuru CC. Not all of the help articles are published so please be patient!

**Those people with a rank of Lieutenant or above who choose to specialize in PVP hosting will receive a bespoke PR Status box in the coming days.