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The Empty Throne Room | Children of Mah Pre-Release Skilling

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in RuneScape News

Scores will be settled in the upcoming quest Children of Mah, so it's time to prepare! Get to the dig site where Zaros's throne room has been discovered and rack up tasty XP gains, all while uncovering lost secrets of the Zarosian Empire.


RuneScape members only

Level 65 in at least one of Agility, Mining or Divination

You must have completed the Dig Site quest

Where to start

Enter the newly uncovered entrance at the Dig Site

This new skilling location will let you accrue up to 800,000 XP in each of Agility, Mining and Divination by mining, refining and transmuting its crystals. This works in a similar way to the Nexus, in that you can earn XP by training at the various skilling spots, up until the cap. Look out for energised spots, too, to maximise your gains.

As well as the XP, you will find Senntisten relics which can be returned to Celia in the throne room to unlock awesome lore.

This is a perfect opportunity to get hyped for Children of Mah, its context in Gielinor's history and its upcoming challenges. It's also a perfect chance to level up enough to take on any remaining quests you have to do in the Fate of the Gods questline!

Enjoy this new skilling spot, and we'll see you on the 21st November for the quest's release!

The RuneScape Team

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In Other News

The portal to Dark Falador has now closed.

Check the patch notes for further details of today's update.