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Sliske's Endgame Trailer

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in RuneScape News


In just a few days, Sliske's Endgame will arrive, and the malicious Mahjarrat's deadly challenge will come to a spectacular close.

Who will stand, and who will fall? Who will claim the Stone of Jas and command its world-shattering power? Only one thing is certain – Gielinor will never be the same again.

Note: be sure to hand in any Sliskelion pieces you've been holding onto – they're being removed with Monday's update.

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Sliske's Labyrinth | Win Premier Club Membership

Mod Raven presides over an epic video-based choose your own adventure game: 

. If you haven't already, complete the adventure for your chance to win Premier Club membership.

Full details of the competition were announced earlier this week.


See you on Monday, 'Scapers. Have fun!