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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the Theatre of Blood [2020]

Can The Theatre of Blood be Solo’d? | NEW OSRS Raid

First look at the new OldSchool RuneScape Raid: Theatre of Blood. Do I think it will done solo? Only time will tell. Considering how I did today, I know the first 3 rooms should be! But we did have some good fun on the day of release. And I gave a few solo's a shot. I do think the first few rooms are completely do-able. Only time will tell! Thanks to Film Geek Sam T B1gBug Ducksauce Auto For the raids fun today. Good luck to all those who enter!

The VP - Theatre of Blood Intermediate Guide - 100% Kills

This guide is positioned to intermediate players who are struggling getting KC or consistent kills at Raids 2 / Theatre of Blood. This is not a complete end to end guide as most people have familiarity with mechanics. This video is made to help those struggling with the final mechanics and understand how to get consistency within their attempts.

New Theatre of Blood Rewards (Weapons/Items Explained)

This video goes through all of the new items introduced by the Theatre of Blood. These weapons are very, very powerful and are up to the standard of the Twisted Bow. I have also included the Day 1 Grand Exchange prices and it should be interesting to see the changes to prices in a few weeks!