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RuneNation OSRS PVM Division

To Apply to join our OSRS PVM Division you must meet certain requirements as outlined below.


Our Requirements/Rules

1. You must be a trial member before attending any PvM events.

2. All loot must be split equally.

3. We do not allow multi-clanning.

4. All events must take place in a designated PVM Leaders CC or RN CC.

5. 100 CB+ or above required

6. Required gear to join:-

- Guthans
- Whip
- B-ring or Warriors ring
- Dragon boots
- Fury
- Firecape
- D-defender

7. When bossing in the wilderness, PM must be turned off and you must use the PvM Division Discord channel.

These conditions may be subject to change at any point.




To Apply click on the button below and then click Join.



What Next?

A PvM Leader will respond to your application.

If your application is successful you will get a notification on your My Profile page.

Aisle Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hey, my IGN is Kamdon, and I would like to join the PvM division. I'm 104 cb, and pvming is all I do. I've killed bosses with "Harry Portal", "Blade", "Austinking", and "Forced You". I would love to join! Thanks :)
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Lukas Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Yo, my ign is Athiel and I wanted to be part of your clan, I am not much into pvm stuff but I hope change with me entering in this clan :D
  1. more than a month ago
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G-bus Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

hay guy thanks for giving me a chance to join my ign is G-Bus 115cb into pvm and chilling in game looking to get into raiding aswell hope to see/hear from you all soon thanks 

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