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Currently the only way to earn Hiscore points in RuneNation is to split the loot you obtain with clan mates after a PvM or PvP trip.

1 Point is rewarded per 1 million coins that are split.

2 Points are rewarded per 1 million coins that are split by a tanker.

Rules for point assignment:-
1. A picture of the loot that is split must be posted to the Drop_log in our official Discord and all attendees must verify that the loot was split.

2. Where a tanker splits loot rule 1 applies + all attendees must verify that the person was a tanker.

Fadedfears Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
just wanna say thanks again for listening to my idea with the high score points!

btw everyone I'm always tank so all you gotta do is just ask me!

Your boii Faded!
:D :D :D :D :D :D
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