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Icthlarin's Little Helper

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Starting point      
  1. Go north-east of the entrance to Sophanem.          
  2. Speak to the Wanderer.     
Difficulty / Length Intermediate / 40 minutes

In the deep south of the desert, unrest is brewing... The cities of the Menaphites have barred their gates to all. An unsettling desert wanderer may know of a secret entrance though, to Sophanem - the city of the dead. Will you become Icthlarin's Little Helper by entering? Enter into a titanic struggle for the soul of the high priest of Icthlarin in a land where the cat is top dog.

Quest / Skill requirements
  • Gertrude's Cat
  • Able to kill a level 91 monster
Items required          

Green text = obtainable during the Quest.

  • Regular/Overgrown cat OR hellcat OR kitten
  • Willow log
  • Tinderbox
  • Bag of salt
  • Bucket of sap
  • Full waterskin
  • Shantay pass, Desert amulet 2, Fairy Rings or Pharaoh's Sceptre for entering the Desert
  • Linen
Efficiency items
  1. Waterskins for desert heat
  2. 35 Agility for jumping obstacles during the Quest
  3. Energy or Stamina potions to prevent fatigue
  4. Ghostspeak amulet to ensure conversation can be understood
  5. Armour and food

Must be able to defeat:

  1. Possessed Priest (Level 91)
  2. Guardian (Level 75 - 81)
  3. Apmeken (Level 75), use protect from Magic prayer
  4. Crondis (Level 75), use protect from Magic prayer
  5. Scabaras (Level 75), use protect from Melee prayer
  6. Het (Level 81), use protect from Melee prayer



1. Use the Nardah Teleport Scroll then walk south-east and talk to the Wanderer. Ask her why she has an issue with your cat. She will explain that if you get the cat away from her she will tell you about entering Sophanem. You will then pick your cat up automatically after a short delay.

Vanstrom Klause Hair of the Dog Canifis Pub


2. She will now ask for a Full waterskin and Tinderbox. Speak to her again and select 'Yes I have them all here'. You will become hypnotised and enter a cave just north-east of her.



Sophanem Pyramid...

1. You will wake up next to a Pyramid and with a canonic jar in your inventory. Enter the cave by selecting Touch door.

Finding and entering Mort'ton Swamp OSRS

3. Navigate carefully around the crusher blocks to avoid taking damage.

finding cyreg paddlehorn osrs

 4. Use your mini-map to complete the rest of the corridor and to automatically avoid the pit traps. Simply go passed the Mummies as they attack you.



5. Navigate around the crusher blocks carefully as you did before. Now keep to the left side and follow the passage. If the Scarab swam attacks and poisons you, eat food and consume an Anti-poison potion if necessary.



6. When you reach the large pit, and with 20% energy, jump over it.



7. Once you have jumped over, head west and try to open the door. You will now need to solve a jigsaw where the pieces need to be arranged to show a bird. Once you complete the puzzle you will appear outside the pyramid with full health.




After Flashback 1

1. Now walk east and talk to the Sphinx while your cat is on the ground. Ask for help. The Sphinx asks a question about the number of people in a family. The answer is 9. You will receive a Sphinx token.

Note: If you answer wrongly you will lose your cat!

Find the Rope Bridge, The Hollows of Mort Myre Swamp


2. Head to the south-west building and talk to the High Priest and ask him about the remains. He will tell you to put them in a burial chamber.



3. Return to the Pyramid and select Open door. Your cat will help you open it.


Flashback 2

1. Head back through the passages to the large pit and jump over. You will arrive at the west doorway, open the doorway. In the room examine all of the Canopic jars to identify the Canopic jar you used to have in your inventory. You can open your Quest journal to find the Jar you used to have.

Take the correct Jar and Kill the Het (level 75- 81) monster that immediately appears. Use protect from Magic to reduce damage taken.



2. Once the Het is defeated pick up the correct Jar. Leave the room and jump back across the pit and exit the pyramid.


The High Priest

1. Return to the High Priest (south-west corner) again. He asks you to prepare a ceremony.



The Embalmer

1. Speak to the Embalmer in the building just south of the High priest who will ask for Sap, Linen and a Bag of salt. Speak to him again to hand over the items you have.



1. Speak to Raetul to purchase the Linen for 30GP. He can be found at the north-east end of Sophanem.



Return to the Embalmer

1. Give the Embalmer the linen.


The Carpenter

1. Speak to the Carpenter on the east side to give him a Willow log. He will give you a Holy symbol.



Flashback 3

1. Go back to the Pyramid, through the passages and jump the pit. After jumping the pit you receive an Unholy symbol. Run eastwards and enter the southern doorway. Use the Unholy symbol with any sarcophagus and then leave the room.



The Ceremony

1. Jump across the pit and head east again and then enter the southern door. Follow the dialogue and then kill the Possessed Priest once he appears. Use protect from magic to help negate damage. Talk to the High priest in the room.



End of Quest

1. Exit the Pyramid and speak to the High Priest to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

 Icthlarins Little Helper reward scroll