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Client of kourend

Written by Reddante on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Quest requirements- None

Skill requirements- None

length- 10 to 20 minutes 

Item requirements- one feather of any kind

Where to start- Piscarilius house docks in Zeah

Start at the quest marker shown in picture above, and talk to a npc called Veos.

This is Veos' character model.

Talk to him and choose option (3) "have you got any quests for me" and then choose option (1) "Sounds interesting! How can I help?"

From here you will help his client learn about the kourend houses.

He will give you a enchanted scroll to start the quest out, now your job is to talk to the general store owners in every Kourend house.

With the feather in your inventory as well as the enchanted scroll you will head north to the first general store, shown in the image below you'll see the route to take from veos to the store. Just follow the red line.

Now before talking to the owners you must use the feather on the enchanted scroll, once done correctly there will be text saying "you attune the feather to the enchanted scroll, creating a enchanted quill."

Once done speak to speak to Leenz, npc model shown here.

Choose option(3) "Can I ask you about Piscarillus house?" and then option (3) again "Why should I gain favor in Piscarillus?"

After going through the dialogue you character will write down what the general store owner has said.

Now its just a repeat with every other general store owner in Kourend.

Below is a map of kourend with all the general store circled in red.

Make your way to each of the general stores and ask the respective owners about their houses.

For Hosideus, Arceuus,and lovakengj the chat options are (4) then (3) and for Piscarillius and Shyzien the chat options are (3) and (3)

Below will be images of all the npc's to look for.

From left to right their names are Regath, Horace, Jennifer, and Munty.

*Note during the interaction with Arceuus house your character will yell in pain but won't be hurt.

After talking to all the general store owners you will need to go back to veos and talk to him chat option (3) on the Piscarillus docks. Veos will give you a mysterious orb that you will need to activate near the dark altar in Arceuus house. On the map shown below is where you need to activate the orb it is the red circle in the top part of the map.

Right about where I am in the picture below is close enought to the altar to activate the orb.

Once activated the orb will shatter and your character will yell out in pain, afterward you will need to go back to veos again on the piscarillus docks and talk to him chat option (3) and veos will be possessed by the client, after the talking choose a house to get 20% favour in right away, remember to lock favour at 100% by speaking to whichever houses architect so you dont lose any after gaining more in a new house. 

Quest complete!

Your rewards are a instant 20% favour in any house, two antique lamps which provide 500 exp in any skill you choose, and double the rate of getting favour in all houses.As well as one quest point.

If you had any trouble with this quest or any others feel free to shoot me a message on osrs my ingame name is reddante or you can message me on discord @ Damien#3366 or on the runenation server.

Thank you for reading my guide and Good luck!