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Ernest the Chicken

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in OSRS Quests

1. Begin this Quest by speaking to Veronica who is located north of Draynor Village. She will usually be visible at the entrance gate to Draynor Manor.



2. When prompted offer to help Veronica to find her fiancé, Ernest, who has not returned from the Manor.


 3. Enter the Manor and go up the main staircase. Now climb the western staircase and talk to Professor Oddenstein. Tell him you are looking for Ernest and he will explain that he was turned into a chicken.

Agree to help him find a pressure gauge, a rubber tube and an oil can.




4. The Pressure Gauge. To get this you will need to get some fish food and poison. To get the fish food go to the room south of the winding staircase on the 1st floor and pick up the blue box of fish food.


To get the poison go to ground level and go to the north-western room. The poison is in a green container.


Now use the poison with the fish food to obtain poisoned fish food.

Go to the east side of the Manor and grab a spade and then exit through the east exit.


Look for the Fountain (located to the south-west) and use the poisoned fish food with it. Then search the fountain to obtain a pressure gauge.




5. Rubber tube - To obtain this go to the compost to the west of the Manor building. Use your spade with the compost to obtain a key.


Go back into the Manor through the front entrance and use the key with the door that leads to a room with a skeleton. Take the rubber tube.

You do not need to kill the skeleton when it attacks.


6. Oil can - To obtain this go the most westerly located room on the ground floor and search the bookcase to enter the secret room.

Look for a ladder leading downwards and climb down it.

You will find yourself in a basement surrounding by levers and doors. Follow the steps below to get to the oil can:

  • Pull levers A and B down
  • Enter door 1
  • Pull level D down but leave C up
  • Enter doors 2 and 3
  • Pull levels A and B up
  • Enter doors 3, 4 and 5
  • Pull levers E and F down
  • Enter doors 6 and 7
  • Pull level C down
  • Enter doors 7 and 6
  • Pull level E up
  • Enter doors 6, 8 and 3.
  • Go through door 9 and pick up the Oil can.
  • Exit the basement

Note: The levers can be reset by exiting the basement at any time.



7. Go to the top floor of the Manor and talk to Professor Oddenstein. Give the 3 acquired items to him and he will turn Ernest back into a human.