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Creature of Fenkenstrain

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Starting point       Read the sign at the south-western entrance to Canifis                                                         
Difficulty / Length Intermediate / 30+ minutes

Dr Fenkenstrain, master and sole occupant of the castle to the north east of Canifis, needs a new servant to go on a dark errand for him. Do you have the stomach to help Fenkenstrain complete his twisted purpose?

Quest / Skill requirements
  • 20 Crafting
  • 20 Thieving
  • Priest in Peril completion
  • The Restless Ghost completion
Items required          
  • Hammer
  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • Silver bar 
  • 3x Bronze wires
  • Needle
  • 5x Thread
  • Spade
  • 100 Coins
Efficiency items
  1. Food
  2. 3-4 Stamina potions
  3. Weapon
  4. Armour
  5. Kharyll teleport (for teleporting to Canifis)
  6. Fenkenstrain's Castle teleport
  7. Holy symbol (for protection from Vampyres)
  8. 2 Ecto-tokens (for access to a nearby furnace)
Dangerous Experiment (Level 51)


 1.  Teleport to Canifis using the Kharyll teleport tab or walk east out of Varrock and go down the stairs North of Paterdomus Temple.

Note: If you entered the cellar of the Temple, go though all of the corridors and then pass through the Holy barrier.



2. Walk to the south-east edge of Canifis and read the Signpost.



3. Now walk north-east out of Canifis and speak to Dr Fenkenstrain in Fenkenstrain's Castle. He will begin a job interview in which you must say your qualities are being "braindead" and your skill is "grave-digging".

4. Dr Fenkenstrain will hire you to find 5 body parts:

  • Decapitated head
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Torso
  • Pickled brain


Speak to the Gardener Ghost in the north garden. Ask him for his name and how he lost his head.

You ask him to guide you to the location in the Haunted Wood where he lost his head.

Walk south out of the Castle and click on the Gardener Ghost to get directions to his Grave.

Gardener Ghost OSRS

Dig at the Grave he has guided you too to retrieve a Decapitated head.




Enter the Hair of the Dog Bar in southern Canifis. Speak to Roevar to buy a Pickled brain for 50 GP.

Alternatively, use Telekinetic grab on the Pickled brain on the table closest to the counter.



Torso, Arms & Legs

Go to Fenkenstrain's Castle and ascend the west staircase. Search the west room bookcase for "The Joy of Grave Digging". You retrieve a Marble amulet.

Go to the eastern side room and search the bookcase for "Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques". You retrieve an Obsidian amulet.

Use them on each other to get a Star amulet.

Exit the castle. Follow the eastern path and use the Star amulet on the most eastern Tombstone. 

Push the Tombstone to enter a Cavern. Kill a level 51 Experiment to retrieve a Cavern key.

Go through the north-western corridor until you reach a gate. Use the Cavern key with the gate to pass, search the Chest for an exit key and then ascend the Ladder. Dig all of the Graves to the north to obtain the Torso, Arms and Legs. Now retrace your steps back through the Cavern.




Re-enter Fenkenstrain's Castle to the west. The aim now is to make a Lightning rod, used to bring the monster to life.

Speak to the Gardener Ghost in the Castle's south garden and ask for the shed key.

Enter the shed and search the cupboard for a Garden brush. Take 3 Garden canes from the floor and use them with the Brush to make an Extended brush.

Go up the Castle's western staircase and use the Extended brush with the Fireplace to get a Conductor mould.

Head east to Port Phasmatys and use the Silver bar with the Furnace to craft a Lightning rod.

Return to the Castle and use the eastern/western stairs. Walk to the southern room and climb the ladder to the roof. Click on the lightning rod to fix it.


Return to Dr Fenkenstrain. He will tell you the monster tried to kill him. He gives you a Tower key to kill it in the central room of the 1st floor.

Head there and talk to the monster. He introduces himself as Lord Rologarth and how Dr Fenkenstrain tricked him into selling his followers and himself to the Vampyres.

Head back to Dr Fenkenstrain and pickpocket a Ring of Charos from him.


Congratulations! Quest complete!

Creature of Fenkenstrain reward scroll