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In Search of the Myreque

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Starting point      

Head to the Hair of the Dog pub in Canifis by:

  • Breaking a Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport tab
  • Walk south-west into Canifis to the southern most building                        
Difficulty / Length Intermediate / 30 minutes

Canifis is experiencing an upsurge in new faces and a new stranger has appeared with a job to track down some local heroes known only as "The Myreque". The Myreque are fighting a desperate battle against the darkness of Morytania and he wishes to take them weapons to aid in the battle. Can you help him out?

Quest / Skill requirements
  • Nature Spirit
  • Priest in Peril
  • The Restless Ghost
  • 25 Agility
Items required          

Green text = obtainable during the Quest.

  • 225x Steel nails
  • 1x Steel dagger
  • 1x Steel warhammer
  • 1x Steel mace
  • 2x Steel swords
  • 1x Steel longsword
  • 1x Hammer
  • 6x Planks
  • 10x Coins OR Ring of charos (a)
  • Druid Pouch with at least 10 charges
  • Silver sickle (b)
Efficiency items
  1. 3x Stamina potions OR 6x Energy potions
  2. Mort'ton teleport or Fenkenstrain's Castle teleport tab

Must be able to defeat Skeleton Hellhound (level 97)



1. Grab and use a Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport tab then walk south-west to the Hair of the Dog Pub in Canifis.

Vanstrom Klause Hair of the Dog Canifis Pub


2. Speak to Vanstrom Klause in the North-eastern corner. Agree to help the Myreque and he will ask you to speak to a Boatman in Mort'ton.



Boatman of Mort'ton...

1. Go south-east of the Pub until you see a gate and pass through it. Ensure your Druid Pouch has at least 5 charges for protection against Ghasts.

2. Head west until you see a lake and continue south until you reach a bridge.

Finding and entering Mort'ton Swamp OSRS

3. Follow the route shown below to reach the Boatman (Cyreg Paddlehorn).

finding cyreg paddlehorn osrs

 4. Try to persuade Cyreg Paddlehorn to show the Myreque hideout by selecting these chat options:-

  • Well, I guess they'll just die without weapons...
  • Resourceful enough to get their own steel weapons?
  • If you don't tell me, their deaths are on your head!
  • What kind of man are you to say that you don't care?

5. Give 6 Wooden planks to the Boatman in return for directions to the Myreque and the ability to board the boat. 

The Hollows of Mort Myre Swamp OSRS



The Hollows of Mort Myre Swamp...

1. After boarding the boat you will reach The Hollows. Head north until you see a brown Rope bridge marker on your mini map.

Find the Rope Bridge, The Hollows of Mort Myre Swamp


2. Use the Climb up option and then select the Repair broken rope bridge option as you walk along. Now climb down the other side.

3. Go north to the hollow tree and speak to Curpile Fyod and explain you have brought the weapons for the Myreque. He thinks you may use the weapons against his friends so to gain his trust answer his questions:-


Question Correct answer
Name the only female member of the Myreque Sani Piliu
Who is the leader of the Myreque? Veliaf Hurtz
What is the boatman's name? Cyreg Paddlehorn
Who was previously a scholar? Polmafi Ferdygris
What family is rumoured to rule over Morytania? Drakan
Who is the youngest member of the Myreque? Ivan Strom
What does Myreque mean? Hidden in Myre



4. Once you have given the answers above go to the back of the hollow tree and open the wooden doors. Climb down.


Entering the Tunnel


5. Head north down the tunnel until you reach an eastern shoot. Select the Squeeze-past Stalagmite.

Squeeze through stalagmite


6. In the room you enter speak to Veliaf first and then speak to all of the other characters before speaking to Veliaf again. Give your weapons to Veliaf. A strange mist will appear followed by Vanstrom Klause. He will kill some of the NPC's and then transform into a vampyre.

A level 97 Skeleton Hellhound now appears which you should attack and kill with Magic spells.

Note: If you require a safe spot, lure the Hellhound to the west side of the barrel located in the north-eastern corner of the room. It will get stuck behind the barrel and will not be able to attack you.

safe spot skeletal hellhound


7. Speak to Veliaf Hurtz, ensuring you select all of the options. Tell him to leave the hideout and ensure he tells you about the secret passage to Canifis.

8. Leave the room through the south wall exit and then head north through the wall. Go up the ladder and re-enter the Hair of the Dog Inn to speak to the Stranger.

Secret Passage to Canifis OSRS




Congratulations! Quest Completed!

 In Search of the Myreque reward scroll