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Scorpion Catcher

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Starting point      

Head to the Sorcerer's Tower located south-west of Seers Village by:

  • Breaking a Camelot teleport tab and heading south-west.

finding the sorcerers tower osrs               

Difficulty / Length Intermediate / 15 minutes

Thormac the Sorcerer has a hobby involving scorpions. Unfortunately, three of them have escaped and managed to run far away. If you manage to find them all, he may just be able to perform an important service for you.

Quest / Skill requirements
  • Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl
  • 31 Prayer
Items required          

Green text = obtainable during the Quest.

  • Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield
  • Anti-poison
  • Food
  • Camelot and Falador teleport tabs or spell runes
  • Amulet of glory (with charges)
  • Dusty key (requires 70 Agility)
Efficiency items
  1. 3x Stamina potions OR 6x Energy potions
  2. Camelot and Falador teleport tabs
  3. Amulet of glory (with charges)
  • Must be able to get past Black demons (level 172)
  • Must be able to get past Poison spiders (level 64)
  • Must be able to defeat a Jailer (level 47) if you require a Dusty key



1. Go to the top floor of the Sorcerer's Tower and speak to Thormac. He explains that his rare Kharid Scorpions have escaped. Ask him how you should go about catching them and then accept the challenge.

Find Thormac



Catching your 1st Scorpion...


1. Break a Camelot teleport and head west into Seers' Village. Go west of the Bank and speak to Seer. Explain that Thormac sent you to speak to him.


2. Go to Taverley Dungeon by breaking a Falador teleport and then heading either westt (level 5 Agility required) OR north and then south-west until you reach the ladder. Climb down the ladder.

finding taverley dungeon OSRS


3. Follow the yellow line to the Poison spider room, being sure to acquire the Dusty key.

dusty key location OSRS


4. Search the Odd wall which is slightly darker in colour. Now use your Scorpion cage on the Kharid Scorpion inside the room to catch it.

Note: Do not try to pick the scorpion up as it will deal 3 damage.

Collecting the 1st Scorpion OSRS



Catching your 2nd Scorpion...

1. Use the Games necklace and teleport to Burthorpe. Head east until behind the building, go through the gate and then use the Scorpion cage on the Scorpion as you did before.

The scorpion will be inside the north-eastern building or roaming nearby on the outside.

location 2nd scorpion OSRS




Catching your 3rd Scorpion...

1. Rub your Combat bracelet and teleport to the Monastery. Go up the south-eastern ladder and then walk north into the central room. Use your Scorpion cage on the Scorpion to catch it.

Note: if you cannot enter the Monastery speak to Abbot Langley on the ground level and acquire level 31 Prayer.

Catching the 3rd Scorpion OSRS


Return to Thormac ...

1. Go back to Camelot using your Camelot teleport tab and go to the top floor of the Sorcerer's Tower to claim your Quest reward from Thormac.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

 Scorpion Catcher reward scroll OSRS