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Troll Romance

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Members/Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:

  • Death Plateau
  • Troll Stronghold

Skill Requirements:

  • 28 Agility
  • Combat high enough to defeat a level 113 foe.

Item Requirements:

  • Cake tin
  • Climbing boots
  • Bucket of Wax
  • Iron bar
  • Rope
  • Maple of Yew logs
  • Swamp tar
  • Armor and a Weapon
  • Food

Items Recommended:

  • Games necklace (for teleports)
  • Prayer Potions

Quests Partly Unlocked/Unlocked After Completing Quest:


Start Point:

Speak to Ug in Troll Stronghold.

Starting Out:

To start the quest speak to Ug who can be found downstairs in the troll stronghold, to get to him enter the stronghold and run south then go down the stairs you find here into the area with the cook. From here take the northwest passageway and head slightly north until you see a room with Ug in the southern area of it. Enter the room and speak to Ug to find out why he is upset, he will tell you that he wants to earn Aga's love. You will discover that Aga is in love with a really powerful troll called Arrg.

Helping Ug:

Head north to the other end of the room and go through the door you find here and you will find Aga. Speak to her to learn that she wants a Trollweiss plant, however you will find out that it is a very rare item.

Return to Ug and speak to him, he will inform you that you need to speak to someone who is knowledgeable about the mountains and may be able to help you get Trollweiss.

Teleport to Burthrope using either the Games necklace teleport or the Burthrope Games Room teleport found in the minigames tab. Follow the path northwest until you come across a Solder sitting on the ground and another path heading south directly across from him. Follow the southern path until you find Tenzing and speak to him, he will inform you that you will need a sled in order to find Trollweiss and suggests you speak to Dunstan to learn how to make one.

Building Your Sled:

Using the Games Necklace teleport, return to Burthrope and head northeast until you find Dunstan. Speak with him and he will inform you that he will need the following items to build the sled:

  • Iron bar
  • Rope
  • Maple or Yew log

Bank and collect the materials, return to Dunstan and he will give you a sled. Next combine the Bucket of Wax with the Swamp tar which you will get Wax from it in your Cake tin. Now use the Wax on the sled to make a waxed sled.

Note: do not take more then 1 cake tin with you, if you have more then 1 the game will think you are holding none and you will not be able to make the Wax until you drop or bank the extra cake tins.

Obtaining Trollweiss:

Return to Trollheim, and take the north-west path located west of the maze and directly north of the path leading to the Troll Stronghold. Follow the path until you see an Icy Gate, however ignore this and continue north then west. The map below will show you how to find the cave.

Enter the cave you find here and run past Ice Trolls (level 121-124) inside and run north to exit the crevasse. Once you are on the surface, run south passing some Ice wolves until you find a slope that you are unable to walk on.

Now, equip your sled and click on the slope to slide down it, you will eventually end up in a really icy area.

Head southwest until you see a hill with some flowers on it, go up the hill and pick a bouquet of the "Rare Flowers" you find here to obtain Trollweiss.

Return to Ug, the fastest method is by teleporting to Trollheim and walking from here to Ug. Speak to Ug and he will accept the flowers, however is unable to give them to Aga due to Arrg being in the way. He will ask you to defeat Arrg for him.

Killing Arrg:

If you have not done so already, bank and prepare to fight Arrg. Bring melee or a ranged weapon and any other supplies for the battle as Arrg can hit up to 29 using ranged attacks. He will use a combination of melee and ranged attacks also, it is STRONGLY advised to turn on Protect from melee BEFORE you speak to Arrg. Bringing decent food and several Prayer potions are recommended to have during the fight.

Speak to Arrg and inform him that you want to fight him to the death. You will be teleported to the arena to fight Arrg, eat during the fight to heal if you need to.

Note: In the arena there is a safe spot where Arrg can't attack you with either ranged or melee. To access the safe spot walk north up the eastern wall.

Once Arrg has been killed, return to Ug and speak to him. Thankful for your help he will give a reward to you which will complete the quest. Congratulations!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 7 Uncut Gems
  • 8000 Agility Xp
  • 4000 Strength Xp