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The Feud

Written by Queen Venom on . Posted in OSRS Quests





Level 30 Thieving

- Ability to defeat a level 70 foe
- Ability to defeat a level 75 foe

- Leather gloves
- 2000 coins + some extra pocket change is recommended (about 1k)
- Shantay Pass (can be bought during quest)
- Karidian Headpiece (can be bought during quest)
- Fake Beard (can be bought during quest)
- Desert Top (can be bought during quest)
- Desert Robe (can be bought during quest)

- Armor and weapon to kill level 75 enemy
- Food to heal (if needed)
- Waterskins

- 1 Quest Point
- 15,000 Thieving XP
- Blackjack
- Desert Disguise
- Adamant Scimitar (dropped from defeating level 70)



1. Talk to Ali Morrisane, located in Al Kharid (North-east corner, near the Quest symbol on your mini-map). 


2. Ali Morrisane runs a small stall and is looking for extra help with his business. He asks you for a favor, requesting you go to a small town called Pollnivneach to find his nephew named Ali. Agree to help him and then look at his wares for sale. Buy the Karidian Headpiece and the fake beard, which will be used later on.


3. Now go south to the Shantay Pass and purchase a pass if you don't have one. If you don't already have the desert robe and desert top, or the waterskins, you can also purchase them here.

Once you're ready, go through the pass.


4. To get to Pollnivneach, you'll have two options.

(a) On the east, you should see a rug merchant. You can pay him 200 coins to have him take you on his magic carpet ride, where he'll deposit you at your destination,


(b) You can run down to Pollniveach. This is the longer, more time consuming route but it'll save you some gold. Be sure to bring your waterskins if you choose this method.


 5. Once you're at Pollnivneach, enter the bar located in the southeast of the town. Talk to Ali the Barman and buy 3 mugs of beer.

6. Talk to Drunken Ali in the bar and ask him for some information regarding Ali Morrisane's nephew. Drunken Ali will give you a little information and then ask for a beer. Right-click the beer in your inventory and use it on him. He'll tell you some more info and then ask for another beer. Keep doing this until you've given him all 3 mugs of beer. Drunken Ali will then finally tell you he suspects the disappearance of the nephew is linked to the gangs.


7. Head southwest a little distance until you see a purple tent. Talk to Ali the Operator (sometimes he's wandering outside the tent, sometimes he's inside). Learn from him that the Menophites and the bandits have been embroiled in hostilities. Ask him if the bandits return a camel, would it end the feud? He says yes.


8. Head north and talk to any bandit in the northern part of town. Ask him if the Menophites returned a camel, will the feud end? The bandit says yes.


9. Now go to the discount camel store (located in the western part of town) and ask to buy 2 camels from Ali the Camel Man. First offer him 500 coins. If that doesn't work, offer 1,000 coins. He'll then provide you with 2 camel receipts.

10. Go to any bandit in town and give him one of the receipts. The bandit then demands 10 camels instead of the 1.

11. Now go to Ali the Operator and give him the second camel receipt. He also wants 10 now. Talk to him again and he'll ask you to join his gang, but first, he must test your loyalty and your abilities.

12. Go north and pickpocket one of the villagers and then return to Ali the Operator. He will give you some advice.








13. Go to the center of town, near the kebab store and find the Street Urchin (he's normally roaming about in the area). Pay him and ask him to distract one of the villagers. He'll agree and a flashing arrow will appear on your mini-map. Quickly locate the unfortunate villager and pick his/her pockets. Once again, return to Ali the Operator and he will give you more advice and an oak blackjack. 


14. Find a villager (they're located around the center of town) and knock him/her out, then quickly pickpocket him/her. If there are other villagers around and you can't knock him/her out, you'll need to lure him/her away to a secluded area, into one of the empty houses. Right-click a villager and select Lure. Then knock out and quickly pickpocket.

15. Return to Ali the Operator. He gives you another task. This time he wants you to steal the mayor's wife's jewels. He'll hand you a key.

16. Now combine the fake beard and cap in your inventory that you bought at the start of the quest to make your disguise. Then put on your gloves and the disguise.




17. Go to the mayor's villa, located on the east side of town. You'll see a fountain in front. Locate a huge, odd cactus and hide inside. Once the coast is clear, use your key on the front door and gain access to the villa.

18. Climb the stairs and enter the bedroom. Search the picture on the wall and find a secret hidden safe.

19. The combination is ( 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 ). Once the code is entered correctly, the safe will open and you'll get the precious jewels.

20. Return to Ali the Operator and hand him the jewels. Now he wants you to find a traitor amongst them. Talk to any of the Menophite Thugs hanging around the tent and find out they think it's Traitorous Ali. Talk to Ali the Operator again and he'll ask you to kill Traitorous Ali.

21. Return to the bar in town and talk to the barman. He'll tell you the beer on the table belongs to Traitorous Ali.


22. Now go northwest and climb the hill. You'll see a lone house and Ali the Hag. Talk to her and find out that she'll make you a poison consisting of snake venom and camel dung.


23. Go down the hill and into the kebab store. Talk to Ali the Kebab Seller and ask for his special hot sauce. Once you have that, go back to the camel store.

24. Use your hot sauce on the food trough. Now wait a few seconds. The camels will then produce some brown dung. Use your Bucket and scoop it up.


25. Go back to the bar, towards the south end. Outside, there will be a snake charmer. Use your coins on his money pot (don't worry if you have a few thousand coins in your inventory, it'll automatically deduct only a coin or two). The snake charmer will give you a whistle and a basket.

26. Go to where Ali the Operator's purple tent is. You'll find some snakes crawling around. Use your whistle on one of the snakes (right-click use, not play), and you'll be capture a snake.

27. Now go back to the hag and give her your bucket of camel dung and your snake. She'll give you the poison.

28. Go back to the bar and use your poison on the beer on the table. (Don't wait around for cut-scenes or messages, there won't be any). Once you've done poisoning the drink, go back to Ali the Operator.




29. Ali the Operator will tell you their leader wishes to speak with you. Talk to the leader (located just outside of the tent), and you'll realize the man is kind of insane. You decide to kill him and he summons a Tough Guy (level 75) to fight you.

30. Once you've defeated the level 75, go talk to any of the villagers (found around the center of the town). You'll find out that they are angry with you for tipping the balance of power between the Menophites and the Bandits. They'll ask you to fix it.





31. Go north where the rug merchant is. You'll find the Bandit Leader there. Tell him to leave town or else. He refuses and summons a Bandit Champion (Level 70) to fight you. 

32. Once you've defeated the champion, go talk to the villagers again. They'll ask you to go talk to the Mayor.


33. Ali the Mayor will be in front of his villa. Talk to him and he'll tell you about Ali Morrisane's nephew. (Finally).

34. Return to Al Kharid by either using the carpet ride or by running back north. Once you're back, speak to Ali Morrisane again at his stall and he'll reward you for your troubles. Congratulations, you've finished The Feud [: