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Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Written by Queen Venom on . Posted in OSRS Quests








- Level 5 Fletching
- Level 30 Ranged
- Level 30 Cooking

- Using range, kill one Level 6 Chompy Bird
- If you're low combat level, beware of wolves and ogres roaming about that will attack you

- Axe
- Knife
- Chisel
- 150 Feathers (approximately. You can bring more)
- 4/5 Wolf Bones (can be obtained during quest)

- Weapon (to kill wolves later on if you don't have the wolf bones)
- Food (if you're low combat level)

- 2 Quest Points
- 262 Fletching XP
- 1470 Cooking XP
- 735 Ranged XP
- Ogre Bow
- Ability to make Ogre Arrows

- Mourning's Ends (Part I)
- Recipe for Disaster
- Zogre Flesh Eaters


1. Talk to the ogre, Rantz. He's located on the eastern part of Feldip Hills, which is located south of Yanille. He wants you to help him make "Stabbers" so he can go Chompy hunting. Agree to help him make some stabbers.

2. Use your chisel on your wolf bones and craft them into wolfbone arrowtips.
(If you didn't bring wolf bones, you can go a little to the southwest and you should see a couple of wolves).
I highly recommend doing at least 4 sets of bones because Rantz will take 6 arrows from you.


3. Now you'll need some logs from Achey trees. Go a bit south of Rantz and you should see the weirdly shaped trees. Cut some down and fletch the logs into ogre arrow shafts. Make as many as you need for the arrowtips. 

4. Attach your feathers to the arrow shafts and then the arrowtips. You should now have some ogre arrows. (I made 16. You can make more if you want.)

5. Go talk to Rantz again and he'll take 6 ogre arrows from you. He'll also tell you how he plans on baiting the birds. Make sure you click and go through all the available options in the dialogue for this part.

6. Go directly north and enter the cave entrance. You'll find Rantz's two ogre children, Bugs and Fycie. Talk to both of them.

7. After you're done speaking with them, go slightly northwest in the cave and you'll see a chest. Search it to receive ogre bellows.

8. Go back out and run southwest until you see a small swamp with bubbles on the surface. Use your bellows on the swamp bubbles to fill it with gas. (You only have to fill it once to get three doses).

9. Use your bellows on the swamp toads hopping about the area. The toad will swell, become fat, and automatically appear in your inventory. Do this two more times until you have three nicely fat toads in your inventory.

10. Go back to Rantz and he'll show you where to drop the toad bait. A flashing arrow will appear on your mini-map, pointing south, to where the Chompy Hunting Grounds are located. Go there. You should be standing on a squarish muddy surface.


TIP: Read steps 11 - 13 now before carrying them out.


11. Drop one of your fat toads on the hunting grounds and quickly run back to Rantz.
Note: The hunting grounds is a rectangular patch of dirt. Look at your mini-map to easily see where it is.

12. A Chompy bird will appear. Rantz will attempt to shoot it but fail horribly. Ask him if you can try, and keep asking until he relents and gives you an ogre bow. Equip the ogre bow and the ogre arrows.

13. Now if you've done steps 11-12 very quickly, the Chompy Bird should still be around. Attack and kill it.


(However, if by the time you received your bow and can't find the Chompy anymore, you'll have to run back towards the hunting ground and drop another fat toad. Step back a bit and wait for a Chompy to spawn. Sometimes a Chompy won't appear and the bloated toad will explode. If this happens, drop another toad and repeat. Keep doing it until a Chompy finally appears. Remember to look in all directions as the bird can approach the hunting grounds from anywhere. If you were fast enough for steps 11 - 12, you'll be able to kill Rantz's Chompy and skip all this).

14. Pluck the dead Chompy and get the raw Chompy bird meat. Go back to Rantz.

15. Rantz says he wants you to cook the bird for him and he has special instructions on how to do it. He'll tell you what ingredient he wants on it (remember the ingredient he requests; everyone will get different random requests). Then he'll ask you to speak to his two children in the cave and see what they want.

16. Go back north and into the cave. Speak with both children and remember what ingredients they want. 

17. Now you'll have to collect the three ingredients. These can be found easily around the area. 

*TIP: When searching for the ingredients, look for the red dots on your mini-map.

- CABBAGE : Go southeast of the Chompy Hunting Ground. The cabbages are lying on the ground.

- DOOGLE LEAVES : Go west of the swamp. There should be a cluster of them.

- EQUA LEAVES : Go southeast of the Chompy Hunting Ground. The leaves are spawn on the ground near the transport symbol on your mini-map

- ONION : Go west of the swamp until you see some ogres camping around a fire. The onions are in the ground around the area

- POTATO : Go southeast of the Chompy Hunting Ground. The potato is in the ground around the area.

- TOMATO : Go west of the swamp until you see some ogres camping around a fire. The tomato is sitting on a stool

18. When you have all three ingredients, go a little north of Rantz and find his fire, which is in front of his cave. Cook the raw Chompy bird there and all three ingredients will be added on automatically.

19. Once it's nicely cooked, go back to Rantz and he'll reward you.

Congratulations, you've completed Big Chompy Bird Hunting!