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Dorics Quest

on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Quest Requirements:

  • None

Level Requirements: 

  • None
  • 15 Mining (Optional if mining items)

Item Requirements:

  • 6 clay
  • 4 copper ore
  • 2 iron ore
  • Pickaxe (if mining)

Start Point: Speak to Doric in search of a quest. He can be found east of Taverly and north of Falador.

If you already have the items talk to Doric again to complete the quest.

Doric is the quest symbol just north of the wheat field.


If you are mining the items head east to the Dwarven Mine on Ice Mountain.

Dwarven Mine


Once there climb down the ladder and head south. Mine 6 clay, 4 copper, and 2 iron.


Head back to Doric to complete the quest.



  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1300 Mining XP
  • 180 Coins
  • Access to Doric's Anvil