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Witchs Potion

Written by Brazin on . Posted in OSRS Quests


  • 3 Gold Pieces

Items Required

  • Burnt Meat (obtained during quest)
  • Eye of newt (bought from magic shop for 3 gp)
  • Rat's Tail (obtained during quest)
  • Onion (obtained during quest)

To Start

Talk to Hetty in her house in Rimmington. South of Falador, West of Port Sarim. Tell her you would like to know more about the Dark Arts. She will ask for four ingredients: Burnt Meat, Eye of newt, Rat's Tail, and an onion.

Burnt Meat

Head to Port Sarim, on the outside of the jail there will be Giant Rats. Kill one and pick up the meat. Head back to Hetty's house and go into the house just north. Use the meat on the range, if not burnt use the cooked meat on the range again to get burnt meat.

Eye of Newt

In Port Sarim on the north-western corner there is a magic shop. Buy an eye of newt from the magic shop.

Rat's Tail

West of Hetty's house there is a Range Shop. Go inside and kill the rats until they drop a Rat's Tail.


Head north-west of Remington and pick an onion that grows in the field.

To Finish

Go to Hetty with all four ingredients and she will put them in her cauldron. She will tell you to drink from it. Drink from the cauldron to complete the quest.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 325 Magic Experience