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Monks Friend

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Members/Free to Play:


Quest Length:


Quest Requirements:

  • None

Skill Level Requirements:

  • The ability to run past or defeat a level 26 foe.

Items Required:

  • Jug of water (can be bought in Ardougne general store and filled with water while completing the quest)
  • logs (or axe/hatchet to gather some logs while completing the quest)

Items Recommended:


Starting out:

Speak to Brother Omad who can be found located in the monastery south of Ardougne to begin the quest. He will inform you that he is unable to sleep due to a child constantly crying that is living at the monastery due to some thieves breaking in and stealing a blanket that belonged to the child.


Retrieving the Blanket:

After being informed about the situation you will learn that you need to retrieve the blanket for Brother Omad, exit the monastery and head west until you are south of the clock tower. Search the area until you notice a ring of stones, stand inside the ring of stones and a ladder will appear.

Climb down the ladder into the hideout then run south to the southern room which has the blanket, take the blanket from the table and exit the hideout. Return to Brother Omad and speak with him, he will be grateful now as he can sleep at night without the child crying.



Finding Brother Cerdric:

After returning the blanket to Brother Omad, speak with him again and he will ask you to find Brother Cerdric who has not returned to the monastery yet with wine for the child's birthday party. Brother Omad suspects that Brother Cerdric has gotten drunk and is lost in the forest.

Exit the monastery after speaking to Brother Omad and head north towards Ardougne, you will find Brother Cerdric hungover and his cart broken. Speak to Brother Cerdric and he will request you to give him a jug of water to sober up, give him a jug of water then speak with him again, he will ask for some logs to repair his cart. After giving Brother Cerdric some logs, return to Brother Omad to join in on the party. Balloons will fall during the party, however they do not have any items inside them if they are popped.



Once the party is finished, quest complete. Congratulations!



  • 1 quest point
  • 8 law runes
  • 2000 woodcutting xp