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One Small Favour

Written by Joshua Rosado on . Posted in OSRS Quests

Members/Free to Play Quest:

  • Members Quest

Quest Length:

  • Very Long. Extreme Patience Required.

Quest Requirements:

  • Shilo Village 
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Druidic Ritual (Recommended)

Skill Level Requirements/Minimum:

  • 36 Agility 
  • 25 Crafting 
  • 18 Herblore 
  • 30 Smithing 

Items Required:

  • 4 Steel bars (3 for Favor, and 1 for fixing Weather Vane)
  • 1 Iron bar (For fixing Weather Vane)
  • 1 Bronze bar (For fixing Weather Vane)
  • 10k Coins (For any expenses for Charter Boats, Shilo Transport Carriage, other, if not Teleporting)
  • 2 Guam Leaves (For brewing Guthix Rest Tea)
  • A Marrentill (For brewing Guthix Rest Tea)
  • 1 Harralander (For brewing Guthix Rest Tea)
  • 1 Hammer (Used to fix Weather Vane)
  • 1 Chisel (Used to fix Glider Runway)
  • 1 Empty Teacup (Can be bought, or found in building North of Sanfew in Taverley)
  • 5 Pigeon cages (Can found in the back of a house in East Ardougne, just South of Northernmost Bank. Do not retrieve cages until returning back through when completing the favors due to lack of inventory slots.)
  • 1 Pot (Recommended to buy 1 in order to be faster)
  • 1 Bowl of Hot Water (Recommended to buy 1 in order to be faster)

Items Recommended:

  • Weight-reducing clothing (For running all over RuneScape)
  • Teleports to as many cities as possible. Recommended setup if you can afford:
    • Lava Staff (Or Lava Runes x100)
    • Mud Staff (Or Mud Runes x100)
    • Law Runes (x30)
    • Air Runes (x100)
    • A Dramen or Lunar staff
  • Energy/Stamina potions (These take up inventory slots, which prevents completing all in one inventory)
  • 2 Cut Opals, Jades, and Red Topaz (Obtained in Quest, but may be crushed when cut. This speeds up progression)
  • Pickaxe (Not needed if purchasing all bars and gems. Not needed to defeat Slagilith)
  • Armor/Weapons of choice and Food (Armor and Food not needed if using Pray Melee to defeat Slagilith)

Quests Available After Completion:

  • Swan Song
  • King's Ransom

Starting Point:

  • Yanni in Shilo Village Antique Shop.

What Inventory Should Look Like at Start:

From Start to Finish:

  • Begin the Quest by speaking to Yanni in the Antique Shop in Shilo Village. When talking through the prompts, Yanni will ask for Red Mahogany logs as his "One Small Favour". The pain begins. 
  • The Forester has the Red Mahogany logs. He is located directly South of the Exit to Shilo Village. When you speak to the Forester and ask for the logs, they say they need their axe sharpened. They will give you the axe (hence why there is an empty slot in the recommended inventory picture.) Ignore the Captain the forester tells you to speak to, and head to Port Sarim. 
  • Speak to Battle Axe Shop owner, Brian, and ask if he sharpens axes. He will say yes, but he needs a favor because he is too worried about his friend. His friend made some stupid choices and you need to somehow get a character witness. This witness is the Witch Aggie in Draynor Village. 
  • When you speak to Aggie, she says she needs someone to check up on her friend Jimmy the Chisel, who went out to go look for supplies for Aggie. Go check on him. He is located in the H.A.M. Hideout directly East of Aggie's House. 
  • When you go to the Southeast Corner of the hideout, you will see Jimmy in a Prison Cell. Talk to Johanhus Ulsbrecht about releasing Jimmy. He will ask for a Favor in order for the release of Jimmy. He wants a month's supply of Chickens for his fanatics. Don't worry, you don't have to kill a bunch of Chickens! Johanhus tells you to speak to Fred the Farmer, since he is a Chicken Farmer.
  • Fred the Farmer is directly East (On the West side of the Lumby River) of the Hideout. When you speak to him, he will say he does not have a month's supply of Chickens, but Seth Groats will. He is located further East (East side of Lumby River).
  • Seth says he will give the fanatics the Chickens for a favor. Pay off the debt he has to Horvik of 3 Steel bars from a past favor then he will give the chickens. The reason he needs Horvik is because Horvik will make Chicken Cages to transport them to the fanatics. 
  • Teleport to Varrock is fastest. Run to Horvik's Shop and talk to him. Once you pay the debt of 3 steel bars, he will say he will make the cages. The kicker is that he fell ill, so he cannot work to his full potential. He asks if you can go pick up some medicine for him. The Infamous Varrock Apothecary with the Dope Fro is next on the list. 
  • Go to the Apothecary on the West side of Varrock (in the Slums) and speak to him. He will say he has the medicine you need. Don't get too excited. He hands the tincture, but drops the salts.... Salt. He can order more, but he needs an Airtight Pot since he just broke his which was a family heirloom. Time to go speak to Tassie Slipcast, but first take Horvik his tincture and tell him the news. He will then tell you it would be better for him to just upgrade already made Pigeon Cages. You will make it to Ardougne soon. No need to rush to it right now. 
  • Tassie Slipcast is located in Barbarian Village in the Pottery Hut. She will not listen to your requests because she is so nervous about her loan, and what her loan shark will do to her. Agree to talk to the Gangster and she will have some momentary relief. She says her loan shark is none other than Hammerspike StoutBeard who is located in the Dwarven Mines. 
  • Once you enter the Dwarven Mines, go South until the intersection emerges, and then head East until the very end. You will see the Dwarf with his goons. They will not attack you. Speak to Hammerspike and he will tell you about his ambitions when going through the prompts. The choices should be asking about the loan and if he could something nice for Tassie. Then ask if he always wanted to be a gangster, he will then "admit" that he always wanted to be a druid, but was not sure if they accepted dwarves. He asks if you can speak to Sanfew about his admission. 
  • Teleport to Falador, or the Burthope games room, and run to Taverley. Sanfew is located in the Herb Shop, upstairs. When you speak to Sanfew he will say they do take dwarves, but he needs some help. He wants to pass the word to some Ogres South of Taverley and he requires the Gnome on top of White Wolf Mountain to take him. Sanfew asks if you can make a Tea called Guthix Rest Tea and take it to the Gnome. 
  • Go back downstairs and head North to the house next to the Herb Shop and you will see a Cup of Tea on the table. Drink the Tea to get the Empty Tea Cup. Add the Bowl of Hot Water to the cup, then add the cleaned Guams, Marentill, and Harralander to make the Guthix Rest Tea. 
  • Head to the top of White Wolf Mountain, and talk to Captain Bleemadge. Notify him that the tea is for him, and he will drink it wholeheartedly. When you inform him of Sanfew's request, he will ask for a favor. He needs T.R.A.S.H. It isn't what you think it is! He tells you to speak to Ahrein on the Catherby Docks and he will give you the T.R.A.S.H. 
  • When speaking with Ahrein, he says he can get you the T.R.A.S.H. but he needs a proper Weather Report. He says you can get the Report from a Seer In Seers Village. It Isn't just any Seer, speak to the one south of the Anvils with the "Crazy Name" Farsight. He says he cannot give you the Weather Report because he is too focused on a local girl who went missing. He asks if you can go look for her. To start looking for her, run to the Fishing Guild. She is in the dungeon just South East of the entrance. 
  • Once inside the dungeon, just run north from where you entered and there will be a big opening on the right. Head into the opening, and you will find Petra stuck in a rock. You can search her rocky body and it will tell you to go speak to Wizard Cromperty. He is in Ardougne, and is the mage to the North East of Ardougne Market Square. He teleports you to mine rune essence, if that helps. 
  • When you talk to Wiz Cromperty, he will tell you that he can get the girl out of the wall, but needs a favor. He needs you to get him Iron Oxide, and there is another name for that. Rust! Who takes rusty items and gives you better stuff? The guy Port Khazard Docks! That's who! He has an excess of rust he can give you. For a price of course. He wants a better, nice, fluffier mattress to sleep on. And he gives you his old one to fix. 
  • The mattress needs to be stuffed again with feathers like in the old days. Can you think of where to get feathers? No, not from chickens, you have to complete the circle around RuneScape. Rantz the Ogre has the chompy feathers! Just head over to Rantz and he will say (somehow) that he will give you the feathers, but he wants you to get the Gnome Pilot to finish fixing the runway for the gliders because it is disturbing the peace!
  • Run over to the runway and talk to Gnormadium. Let him know of Rantz request and he ends up asking for help fixing the runway because he does not know what could be wrong. The Circle is beginning to close! 
  • To fix the runway, you must remove the 8 gems from the posts and cut the gems. Since you have the 6 cut gems already, you can place them inside the corresponding posts. You only need to cut the 2 Sapphires because they can't get crushed.


  • Once you finish replacing the gems, speak to the gnome again, and you're on your way to completing this mess! The gnome will turn on the lights, and say thanks. Now run back to Rantz
  • Rantz will say thanks and fill your mattress. Teleport back to fishing trawler, or use Fairy Ring to get to Tindel at Port Khazard.
  • Tindel will say thanks for the stuffed mattress, and give you the Rust. Teleport back to Ardougne.
  • Give the rust to Wiz Cromperty and he will give you an animation scroll. While in Ardougne be sure to grab the 5 Pigeon Cages! You can bank them while in Ardougne if you like, and Get prepared for a fight. It is extremely easy if you can Pray Melee. Any combat still will work, but Toxic Blowpipe is fairly effective. Run back to the dungeon South East of the Fishing Guild. 
  • Run back to the opening, and use the Animation Scroll on the Stoney Lady. A cutscene will start and a Rock Monster named Slagilith will spawn. Just Pray Melee and kill it. No need to freak out! Golems do exist! Once he is defeated, use the scroll once again, and the girl will be released and will return to Seers.
  • Run to Seers Village and speak to Farsight. He will start dancing around the subject of the report because he can't really "See" the weather as he has lead people to believe. He needs his Weather Vane on the roof fixed. To do that, climb up the ladders, and look at the vane. Hit the vane with your hammer, and then search it for the pieces. Run back down to the Ground and head to the Anvils from Elemental Workshop. Use each piece on the anvil and you will automatically fix the pieces.


  • When finished, head back to the roof and replace the pieces of the vane to fix it. Speak to Farsight again when you're done, and he will give you the Weather Report. Now run to Catherby or Teleport to Camelot and run the rest to go talk to Ahrein. 
  • Give Ahrein the Report and he will give the T.R.A.S.H. to the Gnome Captain himself. Head up the Mountain to go speak to the Gnome Captain. He will say he got the T.R.A.S.H. and will take Sanfew. Run to him in Taverley.
  • Sanfew will say he will initiate the Dwarf, just let him know. Run back to Hammerspike. You can teleport to Edgeville to cut a load of the time. 
  • When you talk to Hammerspike, he will basically have made a fool out of you and get his goons to attack you. End those lowlifes. Talk to Hammerspike again and he will agree to leave Tassie alone. Run back to Tassie in Barbarian Village. 
  • When you tell Tassie the good news, she will teach you how to make pot lids to make the airtight pots. She will give you soft clay to mold it and fire it in the kiln. Once its made, put the lid on the pot and you will get what you needed. Teleport to Varrock and run back to the Apothecary. 
  • Give the pot to the Apothecary and he will give you the salts. Run to Horvik at the shop in Varrock. 
  • Give Horvik the salts and the pigeon cages. He will fix them up and give them to you. Run to Seth from Varrock, or teleport to Lumby and run to Seth. 
  • Give Seth the cages and he will fill them for the fanatics. Run to the hideout again directly West of Fred over the Lumby River. 
  • Once in the hideout, speak to Johanhus and tell him you got the deal. He will agree to let Jimmy free. Go to Aggie in Draynor Village directly West again. 
  • Tell Aggie the deed is done, and she will agree to being a witness. Go run to Brian in Port Sarim. 
  • Give Brian the hope he wanted, and he will give you the sharpened axe. Head back to the Forester South of Shilo Village. You can use the fairy ring directly South of the Wizard's Tower which is South of Draynor Village. Or you can charter a boat, and use the carriage man to fast travel to Shilo. 
  • When you give the axe to the Forester, they will give you some ridiculous news, but just ignore it and move on because you will get the logs you were originally sent on this gruesome adventure for. Go run back into Shilo, and head to the Antique Shop to end this nightmare. 
  • When you talk to Yanni and give him the logs, you will wish you never thought of getting the Quest Cape. He will just say "Thanks." 
  • Of course after some time passes you will explain everything you went through to get these logs, and he will say that you didn't have to go through all of the trouble, but the issue is that you did already. He will give you the reward, which is still not good enough. BUT! The good news is that it is officially over.


Quest Completion:



*Disclaimer: These are personal screenshots of me going through the quest. I blocked out the username due to posting the images on imgur. Did not want people blowing me up. The quest completion is not a personal screenshot due to my game not capturing that quest. It captured the one before and after... of course. 


Guide Created By: BadluckRiver