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Kill a lizardman shaman in Molch

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS Achievement Diaries

Kill a lizardman shaman in Molch

Use one of the following to teleport to the Kebos Lowlands then make your way to Molch.


  • Casting Battlefront Teleport (Battlefront)

  • Fairy ring (code CIR, Mount Karuulm)

  • Farming spirit tree (Farming Guild)

  • Lovakengj Minecart Network to Mount Quidamortem (nearest fairy ring CIS)

  • Skills necklace (Farming Guild)

  • Rada's blessing 3 or Rada's blessing 4 (Mount Karuulm)

  • Xeric's talisman (Mount Quidamortem)

Items needed
  • High level combat and equipment as well as antipoison.
Level needed
  • 100% Shayzien favour
Quests needed
Map           adamantitespot2