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Mine some volcanic sulphur

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS Achievement Diaries

Mine some volcanic sulphur Kourend and Kebos Medium Diary
  • Kourend & Kebos. The sulphur mine is located in the far north-western section of Lovakengj in Great Kourend. Volcanic sulphur deposits are found here, which require level 42 Mining and an equipped breathing filter (such as a gas mask, face mask, or slayer helmet) to mine. To reach Lovakengj use:
    • Games Necklace - Wintertodt teleport and run south-west.
    • Xeric's Talisman - Xeric's Inferno teleport (by the lovakite furnace south of the blast mine)
Items needed
  • Gas mask / face mask / slayer helmet
  • Any pickaxe
Level needed


  • 42 Mining


Quests needed
Map           adamantitespot2