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God Wars Dungeon

Written by General Lee II on . Posted in OSRS Dungeons

Welcome to my God War dungeon Map. In this map will provide the location of each boss, where to get each Kill count Locations, and the location of most spawns of the specific Monsters per god. "Note this is not a guide for the route or each Boss!"


Description of God wars dungeons:

To get to this area you must need to complete Death Plateau and must have 70 strength of 60 agility to enter by pushing the boulder or passing the crack. The fastest way to get to God Wars Dungeon is by completing Edgar's Ruse and use the teleport called Trollheim. God wars Dungeon is mainly used for Spiritual Creatures task and Avainsie. Keep in mind these task counts as followed: Greater demons=Zammy Boss, Avianshies=Armadyl Boss, Goblins=Bandos Boss, and Sara does not have one for common task unless Assign Directly!


This dungeon is great for community/small groups and pretty much a great way to make some cash, although require decent stats. I would definitely recommend coming here for a great time and a great adventure. With the amount of luck you can make Millions!

Table Key

  • Tan=Armadyl
  • Tan Circle=Armadyl Kill Count
  • A=Armadyl Boss
  • Green=Bandos
  • Green Circle=Bandos Kill Count
  • B=Bandos Boss
  • Blue=Saradomin
  • Blue Circle=Saradomin Kill Count
  • S=Saradomin Boss
  • Red=Zamorak
  • Red Circle=Zamorak Kill Count
  • Z=Zamorak Boss


God Wars Dungeon Map