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Stronghold of Security

Written by Fraki Haknir on . Posted in OSRS Dungeons

Stronghold of Security

Briefing:                                                                                                Easy

Who: Everyone.

What: You will need a LOT of food.

WARNING: READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE DOING IT. (Don't read it as you do it)


You will need to find and go to the Barbarian Village which is NORTH-WEST of Lumbridge. 

You MUST setup 2 Step Verification on your account before getting the money. (Go to account setting's). It will ask you a pin on Log-In. It should have texted you or emailed you. 

Reward: 10,000 Coins, Four Emotes, A pair of Fighting Boots or Fancy Boots. You can also get a Skull sceptre. If you collect all of these you can unlock the follow music tracks.

1) Dogs of Ware

2) Food for Thought

3) Malady

4) Dance of Death


Below the Barbarian Village the is the Stronghold Of Security. The Dungeon has 4 Levels, you must enter it by the entrance as indicated in the map below   



Whilst going threw the dungeon you need to be aware that the creatures are stronger than you and could kill you in one hit. You need to use the maps provided to find the chest's in the dungeon's. Before starting you MUST turn on your sprint so that you don't perish. Make sure to watch your health as you go threw this. 

Fourth + A Few Tips N Tricks:

On the map above take note of the red lines across paths, those are doors. Those door's ask you simple multiple choice security question's when you cannot be attacked. (Only in between them). That's why its call Stronghold of Security

Stronghold of Security is a great training area. Before training you should train your levels up slightly first. Pure account's often train on Minotaur's because they are great for the strength and good experience and due to there convenience. Then go the the 3rd level of the stronghold of security. The monster's that you want to train on are Giant Spiders. They will give you great statistics, they are level 50 and aggressive. Level 44 Zombies in the Pestilence Level are far better for experience and loot drops.