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Making Your First Bond - Part 2: Skilling

Written by bartdudeman on . Posted in OSRS Flipping



I would just like to start this guide by apologising for taking so long to release the second part of this guide. Unfortunately while I've had versions of this guide written up, however due to responsibilities in real life, I haven't had the time to fully complete it. Money making methods in the game are constantly changing due to fluctuations in the market, this is especially true in free to play (F2P) where there is a low amount of variety in what you can do for cash  leading to methods getting saturated much quicker.  Fortunately I've managed to find quite a few reliable F2P methods. In this section of the guide I will be covering mostly methods involving skilling, while these may not have the best money per hour the game has to offer in F2P, these methods will help character progression which is why they may be worth doing. So let's begin. 



Starting off (skip if you have level 8 crafting)

For the first method I recommend you'll need level 8 crafting. The cheapest way to get crafting up to this level is to purchase 58 leathers, around 14 threads and 1 needle. If you haven't got the money to do so, please refer to the previous guide where I go in depth on how to generate 100,000 coins from just 25gp. 

As you can see from the image above, these supplies cost me roughly 12k from the 100k I had from the previous guide on this character. Don't worry bout losing this cash, you'll make this cash back fairly quickly while using this method.

Now that you've purchased the leathers required for level 8 crafting, you'll want to use your needle on the leather. Once you do so the following interface will show up. You'll want to craft Gloves till lvl 7 and then switch to leather boots for the last level as shown below. 


The method

Now that you've got to level 8 crafting, we can start making some money. Firstly you'll want to purchase some gold bars and an Amulet Mould. I personally only purchased 161 as I was planning on moving onto the second money maker once I reached requirements but you can purchase how many you require/want to craft. I don't recommend buying too many at the start as if you don't find the method enjoyable at all you'll be locked in with a large portion of your cash in gold bars. 



Next head to Al Kharid, if you're unaware of where this is, you can use the Runescape Map from the official Runescape website to figure it out. Once you're there, head for the bank and place all your armour and items inside of it. I highly recommend taking all equipment items off as these will reduce the run of your character more quickly. Next you'll want to  withdraw your amulet mould and 27 gold bars as shown below.

What your inventory should look like 

Next head to the Al Kharid furnance, click on your gold bar then the furnance, this interface will come up, you will want to right click on the gold amulet option and click 'Make X' and type a number equal to or greater than 27. 

Your character will now start making gold amulets. Once you have a full inventory of amulet (u), bank them and repeat this method until you run out of gold bars. Then simply go back to the Grand Exchange and sell them. I recommend checking the margin before selling the item to maximise profit, you can find information for this on my flipping guide. 

Now let's talk numbers.

Money Rate: 68k to 75k per hour

XP rate: 30k to 33k crafting xp per hour

You can produce roughly between 1000 to 1100 Gold amulet (U) a hour. This provides around 30k to 33k xp per hour and a profit of between 68k to 75k based on the fact Gold Amulet (U) sell at 150 and Gold Bars buy for 82 gp.

Tips: I would recommend using bank fillers so you don't have to keep withdrawing your amulet mould every time you go to your bank to depoist gold amulet (u)'s.

Conclusion of method

Overall I wouldn't recommend doing this method unless you really want to train crafting or you're doing to to open up another money making method. It is good for some starter cash however.

Now it's time to move onto more profitable crafting methods F2P.


Higher level crafting for money

How this section usually varies depending on the prices of the Grand Exchange at the time you're reading this guide. I recommened checking the prices of all the free to play gems through Rsbuddy Exchange or GE tracker and their crafted counterparts such as Rings, Necklace or Amulet (U)'s to look for the most profitable craftable item for the most accurate information.

In my case fortunately sapphire necklaces were extremely profitable. So I switched onto these once reaching 22 crafting. 

Requirements: Lvl X  Crafting (Recommend using previous method to get there) where X is dependent on the item you're trying to craft And 37 Magic can help those with small cash stacks.

Recommended Cash stack: at least 250K - Because Gems cost a lot each, you'll end up doing a load of laps from Al Kharid to Grand Exchange. I recommend using one of the other money makers available from this and other guides (to be released soon) until you get there.

This method can also be done in Falador furnance, which may be convenient to some people with low cash stacks as they can teleport grand exchange and back to falador with ease whereas Al Kharid furnance requires a long walk in between grand exchange trips.

You will need to purchase the gems you require (sapphire in my case) and gold bars equal to the number of gems (sapphires) you purchased and a mould dependent on item (necklace in my case).

You will then head to Al Kharid bank (or Falador if low cash stack), withdraw the necklace mould and 13 of each sapphire and gold bars as shown below.

I managed to purchase Sapphire's for 1145 gp each and gold bars for 81gp each. The sapphire necklace sold for 1669 gp each, yielding a profit of 443gp each necklace. I was able to produce 510 an hour, yielding a profit of 225k per hour and providing 58k per hour crafting XP.

Conclusion of method

 I believe this method provided a substantial xp rate per hour and cash too for a f2p method. Obviously this method will not work all the time so well and it depends on the economy of RS at the time.



Money making via fishing low level fish

 Fishing can be a great way to make some money while starting the game. The best spot to train fishing at the start would be Draynor Village. There is a fishing spot a few seconds away from the bank. As shown below.


You will need a small fishing net to fish at this place at lower levels. You will be fishing shrimps and anchovies. At the start you will not get high numbers of anchovies (if any at all), however at higher levels you will start to get more of an even number of both. At level 40 fishing my inventory was looking like this.

Now a lot of you are reading this part of the guide and think I may have completely lost it, however when it comes to f2p, contray to popular belief, this method is not only MORE XP but also more money than fishing lobsters (even fishing them p2p) at low levels.  So now let's talk money and the statistics. I on average was getting 800 fish per hour and receiving an experience rate of around 20k per hour. 410 of the fish were anchovies and the 390 of them were shrimp. At the time of writing this guide raw anchovies were selling for 125gp each and shrimps were selling for 20gp each. This lead me to a profit of 59,000 GP per hour. If you compare this to lobsters, this method is much better 

Conclusion of method

Ultimately I believe this would be perfect for someone trying to get their fishing levels up while making money. I believe they're definitely a better option than both P2P and F2P lobsters to at least level 60 fishing - which was the highest level I tested fishing lobsters at Catherby (best spot for lobsters). For comparsion I was only getting 17k per hour xp for fishing lobsters and getting 52k profit per hour, despite lobsters being around 270 gp at the time of this guide.



While the cash of all the methods is relatively not too high, you have now you've learnt some ways of making money, you while skilling, which you can use these to train up your skills on F2P ready for P2P. There are a few methods for good skilling xp and money (in terms of F2P) that i will mention in a future guide, there were honestly were too many methods to place in one guide. In the next guide two guides I will be covering more money orientated methods of making cash.