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Woodcutting Enthusiast Money Making

Written by Lars Lars on . Posted in OSRS Flipping


  • 75+ woodcutting
  • Decent ranged lvl ~ 61+ recommended


We all know how long it takes to get a magic tree down at lvl 75-85. Ents give so much more magic logs/hr and with a recent update to the wilderness ents giving double the logs and still being almost empty it's pretty good money.

You run north of the Grand Exchange to the ents which are lvl 10 wildy and above and kill them with ranged is advised since you can safespot them. You can use welfare gear ( and not risk much.


In your inventory bring a couple food and a dragon axe (for fastest logs). Noted logs are supernice and bank like every hour so you dont lose much.

This method is steady money (700k/hr) and good to use if you have little money to spare.