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Karambwan Running Guide

Written by Richard on . Posted in OSRS Flipping


*Access to Shilo Village after having done the Shilo Village Quest


What You'll Need:

*Cash stack

*Trading Sticks


Stuff not required but recommended:

*Anti-poison if you're a lower level because the tribal people will attack and poison you

*Stamina potions if you want to make your running back and forth a bit faster, totally up to you but recommended for the long haul



So the idea it to buy trading sticks off the G.E. they go for 14 to 16 gp usually.  Buy around 5k-10k of them and bring about 200k coins with you.  

You will buy raw karambwan from Tiadeche's Karmbwan stall from him as they buy for around 100-200 depending on the stock in his stall, the preferred method is to buy 10 at a time, hop worlds buy 10, and keep doing until your inventory is full.  

After your inventory is full you run north towards the little anvil/spade icon on the map and there will be a man you can bank your stuff with.  For each item you bank he takes 10 sticks, so 10 sticks per fish which is about 150 gp per fish roughtly. 

Each raw Karamwan is about 1.1k in the G.E. so profit all together is close to 1k per fish.

Repeat process until you run out of coins or either sticks and then need to rebank and buy more supplies.


Profit Per Hour:

*Minimum Of 500k An Hour

*Maximum Of 800k An hour if no one else is there


Picture Of Where Everything Is: