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800k per hour method

Written by Brazin on . Posted in OSRS Flipping

Thanks to Rhidsxliamx for the method

Disclaimer: Prices may change, guide based off of current market prices.


  • 50 cooking
  • Money


  • Plain Pizza= 600 gp
  • Anchovies= 100 gp
  • Anchovy Pizza= 950 gp

Buy Plain Pizzas and Anchovies from the Grand Exchange or other players. Use Anchovies on Plain Pizza to make an Anchovy Pizza, then cook. Sell Anchovy Pizza for roughly 250 gp profit.


Plain Pizza+Anchovies=Price per inv Spot


Anchovy Pizza once cooked- Anchovy Pizza uncooked= Profit


Profit x #of inv spaces= profit per inv

250 x 28=7000

Profit per inv / time to cook inv= profit per second


Profit per second x One minute x One hour= profit per hour

233 x 60 x 60= 838,800