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Making Your First Bond - Part 1: First 100k

Written by bartdudeman on . Posted in OSRS Flipping


This series of guides is designed to help completely new players make their first bond. This guide will teach you how to make big bucks. I will presume you have no prior experience to this game and I'll teach you how to turn your 25gp in over 3m for you to be able to purchase a bond. In this part of the guide I will specifically be focusing on making your first 100k. 


Starting off

After completing tutorial island you will start with an inventory looking like this



The first thing you want to do is head for Lumbridge castle, which will be west of you and bank everything and then withdraw your 25gp.


Next you will want to head for Varrock, if you don't know where this is or how to get there, you can use the old school Runescape world map to navigate yourself which is found on the Runescape Website.

Once you reach varrock you will want to head for the general store in Varrock. The general store will have a pot icon in the mini map, as you can see in the screenshot below. You will want to make sure you have your 25gp in your inventory.

You will now want to buy as many buckets as you can from the general store with your 25gp. Each bucket is usually 2 gp and they restock fast. Your inventory should look something similar to this.

You will now want to fill the buckets up with water then head to the grand exchange which will be on your map. You can fill buckets at places marked with a water drop on your mini map. Once you get to the grand exchange sell your water buckets. I recommend doing this at the instant sell price as you need your money quick to make more money. I managed to sell my 12 buckets for 852gp as seen below. Making a huge 827gp profit.


You will now want to buy as many buckets you can with the 853 gp you have in your inventory, you can either do this at grand exchange or go back to the general store for maximum profit. I will be doing the grand exchange method for my example. I managed to get 18 buckets with 828 out of the 853 gp I had as seen below.

You will now want to fill these buckets up with water, I recommend using the fountain to the east of the Grand Exchange to do this if you've buying buckets from grand exchange, as seen below.

Sell these water buckets you just filled to the Grand Exchange, buy more buckets and repeat till 100k. Hopefully after an hour or two your inventory should look more like this.



Now that we've made the first 100k, we have some starting money to help us towards our goal of getting a bond.  In the next guide I will provide more insight on how we can achieve this. As always remember you can contact me in game at bartdudeman or join our clan chat. In the next part we will concentrate on trying to get to our first million gold pieces! So watch out for part 2 of this guide