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Tai bwo wannai Clean-up Minigame

Written by Wiggles on . Posted in OSRS Miscellaneous

To start the Tai bwo wannai Clean-up you must speak to "murcaily". 

Once you have he will tell you to fix a rotten fence located to the south of him, proceed to hack the "light jungle" for some "thatch spar light" sticks, with these you can now fix the rotten fence!



Image courtesy of Wiggles 


Once you have completed this go back to speak with murcaily and he will give you 1-2 trading sticks. once you have done this we will move onto a faster method of completing the minigame, To the north (calquat tree patch) there are Jungle Spiders which will give you 1-2% tai bwo favour, this is the fastest method, gaining 100% in about 10-20mins.

This is used for "My Arm's Big Adventure" and the "Karamja Medium Diary"



Image courtesy of Wiggles