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Moneymaking With Wines of Zamorak

Written by Raven Raven on . Posted in OSRS Miscellaneous

 Telekinetic grabbing Wines of Zamorak, which can be found in the Chaos Temple located west of Goblin Village, is a common money making method for any non-member player or low levelled player looking to make a bit of easy cash. Players who have unlocked the telekinetic grab spell (requires level 33 magic) can telekinetic grab Wines of Zamorak which takes roughly 20 seconds to re-spawn. Casting the telekinetic grab spell will consume one law rune and one air rune each time it is casted, however it is recommended to use an air staff to reduce the cost. Although it is possible to obtain Wine of Zamorak without the telekinetic grab spell this method is not recommended due to the fact that it requires all Zamorak monks to be outside of the temple or killed. Any attempt to take the Wine of Zamorak while Zamorak monks are inside the temple, will result in combat stat being drained by 7.5%. So using the telekinetic grab method will prevent this.


Obtaining the Wines of Zamorak:

There are several methods for getting to the Chaos Temple. Unfortunately some have additional requirements or may be only available to members. The main method ,which is described below, is commonly used due to the fact it has no requirements quest-wise and is available to both members and non-members.


From Falador, walk north until you reach the Goblin Village and then head west of the village whilst following the path until you reach the Chaos Temple. Once inside there will be a Wine of Zamorak which will re-spawn every 20 seconds on one of the tables within the temple. Players who have brought telekinetic grab runes (1 law rune and 1 air rune) can cast the spell safely without being attacked by the Zamorak monks. If there are multiple players attempting to grab the Wine of Zamorak on the same world, the player which is the fastest casting will retrieve it. However the other players will still receive magic experience for casting the spell. Due to this finding an empty world is recommended for players wanting to make cash or use the Wines of Zamorak for Herblore. After obtaining an inventory of Wines of Zamorak either teleport using the Falador teleport spell (requires 37 magic), use a teleport tab or you could just run south towards the bank in order to repeat this process.


Without Telekinetic Grab:

For those that do not wish to use the telekinetic grab method, it is still possible to obtain Wines of Zamorak. For this method, players should have semi-decent combat stats as well as 43 prayer. Having some food is also recommended for lower-levelled players. Due to the Chaos Temple having an altar inside, players can use the protect from magic prayer while fighting Zamorak monks as they can deal up to 8 damage using mage. Zamorak monks also can use melee attacks, However they can only deal up to 3 damage. Having a semi-high defense level will reduce this.

After all the Zamorak monks have been killed or are outside the temple, players may obtain Wines of Zamorak from the table. Continue killing Zamorak monks are they re-spawn until inventory is full, once full, walk or teleport back to Falador and repeat.

Other Methods to Access the Chaos Temple:

Aside from the Falador teleport/walk method there are a couple of additional methods that can be used to get to the temple. These methods however have more requirements.

  • Those that have completed the Falador Easy Achievement Diary Tasks can use the agility shortcut located behind the Chaos Temple and bank in Burthrope at the Rouges's Den.
  • Those that have completed the quest Another Slice of H.A.M. can obtain Goblin Village Spheres from Oldak, after consuming a sphere walk or run to the Chaos Temple. Players can bank using this method with an Amulet of glory, Ring of dueling or banking with the Camelot Teleport spell.