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Low Level Moneymaking with Darkness of Hallowvale

Written by Ops_ on . Posted in OSRS Miscellaneous


This requires questing until you have the requirements to start Darkness of Hallowvale.

  • Completion of In Aid of the Myreque
  • Construction-icon Construction
  • 20 Mining-icon Mining (not boostable)
  • 22 Thieving-icon Thieving
  • 26 Agility-icon Agility
  • 32 Crafting-icon Crafting
  • 33 Magic-icon Magic
  • 40 Strength-icon Strength

I was doing this on my low-level account daily to earn my first mils in OSRS.

You teleport to burgh-de-rot via the shades of morton mini-game teleport (there are other methods as well) and travel to trader Sven in Meiyerditch and buy 8 complete sets of Vyrewatch outfits from him. Links to these items:

  • Vyrewatch outfit (legs, top and shoes) as disguise, can be bought for 1950 coins from Trader Sven.
  •  <- Location of store

The set will cost you 1950 coins and can be sold on the ge for 8-16k. They sell so well because most quest guides recommend purchasing the outfit as it makes the quest easier.

You can do a single run in under 10 mins. for 6k-14k profit per set or 48k-112k per inventory.  Which works out to approximately 300k to 672k per hour.