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Christmas Event 2018

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in OSRS Miscellaneous

1. To begin the Old School RuneScape Christmas Holiday Event teleport to Lumbridge and head up the steps into Lumbridge Castle.

Head north-west or north-east and go up the Ladder to the 1st floor. Talk to Duke Horacio.

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2. Tell him that you want to talk about the Lumbridge Holiday Event. He will tell you that he hopes that his new visitors are not getting cold. In response select the 'Who are you calling new?' option.

He will explain that he needs help with a project so agree to help him. He will explain that you must deliver some gifts to 5 NPC's around Lumbridge while disguising yourself while wearing a decorative Christmas Tree.

Ask him where you you can get the tree branches and chipped gems (decorations) and how you put the outfit together.


3. Go outside the castle and use a knife with the tree to obtain snow-covered branches.



4. Go further north to the furnace building and take from the barrel of gems to obtain chipped gems.



5. Go back to the front gate of Lumbridge Castle and head south-east to the Church. Search the Altar to obtain a decorative star.



6. Grab a ball of wool from your bank and then use the waste gems with the decorative star to tie your outfit together.

Wear your outfit and then speak to Duke Horacio again.



7. The Duke will give you a neatly written list of gifts to find:

  • A chair for Han's - Take the red chair to the North of Duke Horacio and use it on Han's on the grounds floor of the Castle.




  • A Pear Sapling for Farmer Fred - Pick up a Spade next to Hans and use it with the sapling next to the steps. Head North-West to the cabin next to the sheep field and use the Sapling with Farmed Fred.




  • Rings - Head back to the Furnace Building in Lumbridge and speak to the Smithing Apprentice to obtain Five Golden Rings. Head to the graveyard south-east of Lumbridge Castle and use them on Count Check.




  • Entertainment for the Doomsayer - Go slightly north of the castle and ask the Doomsayer what he did for fun. He will mention Party Pete. Teleport to Falador and run east until you reach the Bank and then head north-east to the Party Room to obtain a small whistle. Return to the Doomsayer and use the small whistle on him.





  • Present for Gillie - Speak to Bob just south-east of the Castle to obtain an Amulet of Duplication. Head north and cross the bridge. Continue north and enter the cow field and use the Amulet on Gillie.




8. Return to Duke Horacio to claim your reward.