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Pure Tank Class Build

Written by Chris Reed on . Posted in OSRS Miscellaneous


First thing is first, you may be asking "why would you want to make a pure defence build" well truth is that there are many reasons, my main reason being a low level black chin hunter that is nearly unstoppable. Without anymore delay here's my guide (if anybody has more info or recommendations feel free to pm me on the forums.) Please don't criticize the lack of photos.


1.99 Defence!

2.42 Combat!

3.60 hp!

Table of contents.


II.Training Part 1(11-40 Defence)

III.Training Part 2(40-85 Defence)

IV.Training Part 3(85-99 Defence)


I. Begining

Before you start training your new account to be a defence pure just know it is extremely time consuming. Don't let this discourage you though because a good majority of this time can be spent AFKing, however just to get to 75 defence your looking at 300+ hours. Another few reasons defence pures are great accounts aside from hunting black chin's consists of:

1.They are probably the most rare type of pure. Meaning bragging rights + respect for the time put into it.

2.At level 35 they can hit 20s with a dfs. They can kill obby maulers with ease and have Barrows armor (or pretty much anything you want to wear) that obby maulers darts cant penetrate. Add venom stack with serpentine helm and you have a fight on your hands for sure.

Now that you've made your account head north out of lumbridge and follow the path to the famlands and proceed to the barbarian village which is located west of Varrock and northeast of Falador there should be a rocky out-crop surrounding a small hole in the middle. Climb down to find yourself in the stronghold of security also known as the SOS. You will apear on the first level of the stronghold. Run all the way through the maze to the bottom to get yourself 10k cash and some nice new boots!

At this point go to the Grand Exchange which is located just North West of the Western-most bank in Varrock. Buy yourself a Steel set and use home teleport to get yourself back to Lumbridge.

Now head west! Past the castle and through the woods until you reach Draynor Village. In the center of Draynor you will see a man by the name of Diango. Trade Diango and buy an event rpg

II.Training pt.1

After you have purchased all of those items proceed to lumbridge and equip your event rpg  and begin training def on pretty much anything to 20. Equip steel when possible and in an hour you should be there.

Well now, Thats alot of training for 20 levels! Now go to the monastery located west of edgeville and equip your full mith (if you have it). Your going to be here for 5 hours at the minimum. Kill the monks in the monastery, and by kill I mean attack, because you will hit nothing but 1's which allows the monks to restore hp which allows you to AFK here for a good chunk of time. After a while you will get a very uplifting message saying"Congratulations! You've just advanced a defence level, you reached level 30!". Now either get a Adamant set or keep training to 40!

Now Remain here until the big scary level of 40 defence! This will take about 25 hours if your good. I recomend surfing the forums or watching vids to ease the boredom. Now yell "Mom I need the credit card!" and purchase 6 months of membership, You deserve it! Log into the member worlds for the first time and purchase 200 leather and a cammy tab. Obtain level 10 crafting using the leather and teleport. Now go west to the feilds and pick an hours worth of flax,1000. Home tele back to lumbridge and spin it now. You should have 200k worth of bowstrings, a good amount. So now go buy a rune set!

III.Training pt.2

Go to the g.e now and buy the following:

1.Red toapz machete

2.Ammy of glory(4)

3.50 monks

4.40 combat potions

5.Camelot teleport

All together this should have costed a good 150k. Now guess where we are going next? Rock crabs. Why rock crabs?

Well here are a few reasons, 1.they have a max of 1 and with your def level you should be able to regenerate faster than they can hit. 2.They have 50hp,200xp each this is a good amount. 3.You will only need 2 crabs at the most so I recomend the spot west of the dagganoth cave where there are 2 in single combat and its empty. however if you are still f2p then I recomend going back to monks for the rest of pt.2.

Now that we know where to go fill your inventory with 10 combat potions and 10 monks.

Break your camelot tele tab and rune west until you see the bank. Now run along the northern path until you see a council workman, if you see him then you are going the right way. Keep going along the path until you reach Relleka ,City of the Fremmniks. Now go to the market and there will be 3 boats at piers.  Keep going until you see 2 rock crabs close to each other. Take a sip of your combat potion(4) and begin attacking a rock crab. Remember to eat at 2hp to full and drink a combat potion when nessesary.

This will take quite long so be patient and watch videos of to keep your self motivated. I reccomend staying here until level 60 defence. "You reached level 60 defence" Now run down to the money guide i posted about oranges (if you want dragon). Now look at your stats! 23 combat and 60 defence! You now are amazing, but not amazing enough. Yep your going to be here until level 99 defence! You should now have 65ish defence and 53ish hp. So get back to training before you lose motivation!

You've done great! Now I recommend going and making yourself a few hundred thousand gold to celebrate! Now go back to rock crabs and finish your road to 75 defence. You've made it! your 75 defence give yourself a high five! You can now either make a DFS Barrows pure and hunt chins or go pking with serpentine helmet, or you can go around bragging about how you have a 75 defence pure!!! either way, you might as well continue your trip to 99! So go back to rock crabs and continue to 80!

That wasnt as bad as you thought was it? Your about level 37 combat with level 80 defence! This is great except it can be better! 

Stay here until 85 defence is the best way in my opinion.

IV.Training pt.3

Now you've gotten past the worst part, you should be 40 combat at this point, and you know what your allowed to do at lv 40 combat? Thats right PEST CONTROL!!

As much as i hate to say this, It's pretty much as simple as... yeah your staying at pest control until 99 it's the quickest way to get to 99 its great experience compared to doing rock crabs or monks, so just stay here and get to your goal which should be a defence cape.

CONGRATS!!!! You have 99 defence! Dosent it feel great? Your truly epic in your own right and amazing. This is the pinnacle.

Contributers: Acid Christ