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How to Obtain Corrupted Armour in Old School Runescape

Written by Jonathan Axtell on . Posted in OSRS Miscellaneous


There are no quest or skill requirements for wielding the armour so can be used by 1 Defence Pures. It has armour stats similar to that or Iron Armour.




Leather Boots, Soft Clay, Bowl of Hot Water, 1 Air Rune, Pestle and Mortar, Oak Logs, Empty Vial, Acorn, Bones


Amulet of Glory with at least 2 charges. Varrock and Camelot Teleports


An ideal inventory is shown below:




To obtain the Corrupted Helm you must take leather boots, soft clay and a bowl of hot water to Abbot Langley in the Monastery. Walk west of Barbarian village, North past the mind altar and to the monastery. Alternatively, teleport to Edgeville using your glory and follow the path shown below:



Talk to Abbot Langley and he will automatically give you the helmet provided you have the correct items in your inventory.





To obtain the Corrupted Platebody you must take a pestle and mortar and an air rune to Horvik in Varrock's Armour Shop. Teleport to Varrock and it is the building just North East of the square.


Talk to Horvik and he will automatically give you the platebody provided you have the correct items in your inventory.




To obtain the Corrupted Platelegs you must take an acorn and some bones to Louie Legs in Al-Kharid Leg Armour Shop. Either use your amulet of glory, run north and then east as soon as you are out of the building (RED PATH) or use a ring of duelling and teleport to Al-Kharid Duel Arena and run south (GREEN PATH)


Talk to Louie Legs and he will automatically give you the platelegs provided you have the correct items in your inventory.





To obtain the Corrupted Kiteshield you must take some oak logs and an empty vial to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight in Seers' Village. Teleport to Camelot and run West, past the bank. It is the building south of the pub.


Talk to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Faright and he will automatically give you the Kiteshield provided you have the correct items in your inventory.




The Armour Set

The full set of armour, it's weight and stats are shown below




Maps provided by OSBuddy without permission and edited by author. All images are captured and edited by the author and are not representative of RuneGuru or its members.