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In-depth Zulrah Guide

Written by Treeroot on . Posted in OSRS PvM


Hi, welcome to this in-depth Zulrah guide. Cause you obviously want to start doing Zulrah and make money, I'll keep this short.

Zulrah is a level 725 solo-boss, released ont he 8th of January, 2015. It had plenty of nerfs, but this monster is still one of the biggest money makers in the game. Why? Cause it drops rares which are worth around 3M, and supplies that are worth alot of money. Also the pets and the mutagens are some things items to obtain.


Location & Information

Zulrah can be accessed by taking the boat at Zulandra. If you die to her, you can retrieve your lost items by talking to the high priestess next to the boat, and selecting the 'collect' option. Please keep in mind that when you die somewhere else whilst your items are still at the high priestess, they are lost forever.



Completed The Regicide quest


Recommended levels

80+ Ranged

80+ Magic

45+ Prayer


Gear and Inventory Setup

Full (Elite) void with Hood

Trident of the Swamp / Trident of the seas / Iban staff

Occult necklace / Amulet of Fury / Amulet of Glory

Ring of Suffering / Ring of Recoil

Eternal Boots / Infinity Boots / Wizard Boots / Mystic Boots

Arcane Spirit Shield / Malediction Ward / Book of Darkness

God cape / God Prayer Cape

Any Holy Blessing


 + Inventory

(Elite) void range helmet

Blowpipe / Armadyl Crossbow / Rune Crossbow

Diamond Bolts(e)/ Any Holy Blessing

Necklace of Anguish / Amulet of Fury / Amulet of Glory

Pegasian Boots / Ranger Boots / Snakeskin Boots*

Ava's Accumulator


1 Super Restore

1 Super Anti-Venom++

1 Ranging Potion (4)

1 Magic Potion (Optional)

Teleport for resupplying

6 Karambwans

Sharks / Monkfish

If you are low mage and range (< 85), choose for the ranged gear not more than 3/4 items, since you will need the space for food. Always choose the helmet and the weapon, then the Ava's Accumulator, then boots.


The Fight

Zulrah is not a difficult boss. If you are new to fighting her, you will die alot in the beginning cause the rotations are random and you might get overwhelmed. This is normal. Don't get demotivated because of it. Keep going and around 60 - 70 KC you might know all the rotations from your head.

Zulrah has 5 forms: Ranged, Melee, Magic, Jad and Toxic.

The Ranged Form is weak to Magic.

The Melee Form is less weak to Magic.

The Jad phase is weak to Magic.

The Toxic phase is weak to magic.

The magic phase is weak to Ranged.


I always used this image:



How to handle the Jad Phase and the end of a rotation?

You might get overwhelmed during both. What you need to know is that the damage is decided even before Zulrah fires her attack at you, so therefore you have to switch prayer before she fires her attack:


* Jad phase starts with ranged *

1. Pray ranged first.

2. When you see the green missile flying in mid air, activate protect from mage.

3. When you see the orange missile flying in mid air, activate protect from ranged.

4. See step 2.


* Jad phase starts with mage *

1. Pray mage first.

2. When you see the orange missile flying in mid air, activate protect from ranged.

3. When you see the green missile flying in mid air, activate protect from mage.

4. See step 2.


End of a rotation

When the rotation ends, try to get back to your starting position as quick as possible. You will take damage from venom in most cases, especially when the rotation ends with the melee phase.