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Chaos Fanatic Guide

Written by Treeroot on . Posted in OSRS PvM

Hello and welcome to this Chaos Fanatic guide. The Chaos Fanatic is a level 202 wilderness boss, located in deep wilderness. It has 225 HP and attacks with magic, however, this boss has a special attack, which will deal damage on collision.

The Chaos Fanatic is an relatively easy boss. However, since he is located at 40+ wilderness, you are at risk of being killed by other players.

It is not a good money making method. The main reason people kill this boss is for the Chaos Elemental Pet, which has a chance of 1/1000 to drop.


       Chaos Fanatic



Always use ranged for the boss, since Its only weakness is ranged.

Use low-risk ranged gear:

- Dragonhide armor

- Blowpipe / Armadyl Crossbow / Rune crossbow (Use diamond bolts (e))

- God d'hide coif (Prayer bonus)

- Snakeskin boots

- Amulet of glory (Able to teleport from 30 level wilderness)



The Chaos Fanatic disarms you. Therefore, Its essential to have 0 free inventory slots all the time. That's why you will have to use Stews, since when consumed, an empty bowl remains.

- 2 Ranging potions

- 1 Stamina potion

- 1 Saradomin brew (when being attacked by other players)

- 1 Super restore

- 1 Prayer potion (You will need 1 in case of emergency, since there is the zamorak altar a few steps away to restore your prayer after each kill)

- Looting bag

- Ring of dueling, or any other teleportation item.

- Remaining inventory slots for stews (Bought at the G.E.)


Getting There

- Ghorrak Teleport

- Use obelisk from corporal beast cave, by using a games necklace

- Walk from Edgeville


The Boss

This boss only uses magic as his main attack. However, every few seconds a special attack is performed. These can be dodged by moving away from the place they will land. They will look like light green bulbs, flying towards your position.

1. Pray against magic.

2. Move away from his special attack.


Notable Drops:


- Malediction shard 1 (1/256)

- Odium shard 1 (1/256)

- Hard clue scroll (1/128)

- Pet chaos elemental (1/1000)