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Corporeal Beast Solo Strategy Guide

Written by Pet Me OwO on . Posted in OSRS PvM

Meet the Author:  osrsdiscordlogin


Full Spec Out Method
Minimum stats: 75 att , 82 con, 37 prayer
(82 con can be substituted for a friend on the same world with jewelry box and max rejuvenation pool)
(70 att if not using BGS, I.E. friend is speccing corp down or you are performing the fast kill method)

Typical Style Loadouts:







Best in Slot (BIS) Inventory



Budget Inventory



  • Food can be changed as necessary based on experience or comfort
  • Super combat potions can be substituted for super att and str potions.
  • Arc light/ Dark light are interchangeable.
  • Crystal halberd can be changed for Dragon halberd.
  • Dragon warhammer not required (though highly recommended)
  • Any weapon that is not a spear or halberd on stab will deal half damage. (magic will deal full, including salamanders)




The main method used to kill corp is to perform 3 DWH hits (not required, makes the arclight/ darklight easier to hit) followed by a any combination of arc/ darklight hits, then 200 BGS damage. After that his damage is lowered to such a point mage protection gear is no longer required and BIS str gear may be used such as BCP. It is common for players to stay in mage protection to minimize gear they are running.
These specials are done by using the home teleport spell either with runes or tabs, drinking from the rejuvenation pool and then using a jewelry box to return to corp. A friends POH may be used for this. they do not have to be in the house for you to use it.


Fast strategy:

Similar to the main strategy. this method focuses on reducing Corp's defence to 0 and then killing. This is most commonly done with a minimum of 3 people to help spread the damage and minimize how much he heals while no one is inside. This is faster but more dangerous as Corp will still be able to chance stack you out from full HP.
Either a combination of 3-4 DWH and 4-8 arc/ darklight specials to reduce defence, after that kill as fast as possible and then reset.


Solo public strategy:
Note: This is a personal strategy:

Perform 3-4 DWH, followed by 4-6 dark/ arclight hits, then perform 300-500 damage eith halberds and/ or spears before returning back to speccing with arc/ darklights to 21 (an 1 hit to account for the stat return) before continuing onto 200 BGS damage. The purpose of this is to prevent potential crashers. normally by the time you finish doing 200 bgs damage, you will have done 350 damage. this method gives you 650- 850 damage on corp when someone might try to steal your kill. Your damage towards KC will remain as Corp does not reset regardless how much he heals. This method is not always recommended as many crashers run BIS and multiple account with energy transfer.


Use of private instance (portal on south end in lobby):

Private instance costs 200k to use and remains active as long as one member of the friends chat is inside. This is used by those wishing to avoid any attempt of crashing while killing corp. The most common method to utilize this is to make an alt (or use one previously made) and have them sit in the lobby while the main killer runs in and kills corp. If Lunar Diplomacy has been completed and the alt has 91 mage they can switch from holding lobby to performing special att energy transfer runs when the damage stage has been reached as the main acc will stay inside the room. NOTE! If the main acc dies or teleports out while the alt is away the instance will close, corp will reset and 200k will be required again.
If death occurs inside the instance, the grave will spawn in the public waiting lobby unlike a death inside the public where the grave will spawn ontop of the death location. (edited)



Dealing with Dark Core:
The dark core prioritizes players on the north end of corp, though it will not always stay on them.
Dark core can be dealt with in two main methods. After 10 minutes of spawning the core will despawn and not return until corp resets or respawns.
The main method of dealing with Dark Core is to kill right as the core is about to jump. The most reliable method to perform this is to turn on left click attack in the RL plugin if enabled, move so the core will jump to you. as soon as it lands attack in and then immediately being to move east (you will always step out to the eat to attack the core unless against a wall). if you are at least 2 tiles away it will attempt to jump, if you kill the core properly it will attempt to jump and die midair. If it still has health, simply let it land on you again and repeat till it dies. You will know this is done properly as it will not drop ashes on death, at this point it will not respawn. This is best to be down by a player with the lowest ping.
Some players will place cannons to aid them in killing the core as it jumps.


Weapon stances:

  • DWH: use accurate as damage does not matter
  • BGS: use Accuracy to hit more reliably, it rolls slash on special attack
  • Arc/Darklight: use stab as corp is weakest to stab
    halberds: use stab, it will do full damage regardless of the fact that it rolls on slash for chance to hit.


Weapon Special Attack:


  • DWH: Reduces defence lvl by 30% of CURRENT defence. I.E. first hit reduces to 70%, then 49% and so on.. (diminishing returns)


    • Arclight/ darklight: Reduces ATT, STR, DEF all by 5% of TOTAL lvl. I.E., 95%, then 90% and so on. so after 3 DWH hits it will go from 35% to 30%.




    • BGS: Lowers stats by the amount hit in order of precedence: DEF, ATT, STR, Prayer, Magic, Range. this is why 20 hits with arc/ darklight is required. after att, str, def are 0, bgs will attack corps magic, lowering his accuracy but not his max hit. NOTE: the stats lowered is the number rolled before damage reduction (x2)





    Moving Corp:

    To position corp at the entrance, one player moves inside and becomes targeted. at this point they return to the lobby and wait, corp will walk to the entrance. It will ignore all other players until someone attacks him. at this point he return to his normal attack patterns. HE WILL STILL STOMP regardless if his attention is elsewhere


    Second accounts:

    A second account can be used to run the spell energy transfer. If timed properly the target will finish using 3 halberd special just as the runner returns to refill their special attack bar.



    Corp will reset to full stats and HP after 3 minutes of no combat. So if a crasher stands outside and you wait 3 minutes with them, Corp will have reset to full.