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Corporeal Beast Solo Set Up

Written by Tuakana on . Posted in OSRS PvM

There are many guides & options when it comes to bossing but this is one ive done and played with and made that works for me, I hope this may help you.

Solo Corp works well if you have access to a POH with ornate pool of rejuvenation & ornate jewellery box to recharge your health & spec attacks & quick access to Corp lair as you will be teleporting several times

The formula i follow is 3x dragon Warhammer specs (wear crush gear), 20x ArcLight specs, 200 BGS damage specs, for ArcLight & BGS wear your best in slot str helm, cape & ring. (make sure your specs hit if they don’t tele & repeat)
It helps alot if you have imbued heart to increase your magic stats to have less damage from corp magic attacks while you are delivering your specs.

Quick prayers are essential I use protect item, protect from magic & piety during the specs.
I set cannon up inside lair near entrance so others can see the lair is occupied also it assists with killing core.
Arceuus spell book and cast greater ghosts to help attack Corp (cannon & thrawls are not necessary while specing)

Once you have completed 200+ BGS damage change your quick prayers to just piety, toggle your imbued heart so its active sip your divine super combat, heal up, tele back wearing your crystal halberg, once inside activate your cannon, then spawn your greater ghost thrawl use up your 3 sets of chally specs then swap to Zamorakian spear for remainder of fight, watch for despawn of your thrawl and look out for core, 8/10 core will die to cannon as long as you stay 2 tiles away once its been hit, keep an eye on your prayer & health.

Happy solo Corporeal Beast killing..