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Great Olm Attack Strategy Guide 2022

Written by Fuq on . Posted in OSRS PvM


If using Runelite, you can highlight the regions of the ground around Olm that show you the safe areas in which to stand during the fight. To automatically import the safe regions, do the following:-

1. Enable the Ground Markers plugin in Runelite.


2. Next, highlight and copy the below Ground Marker code.


3. Next, right-click on the globe icon on the World Map and select Import Ground Markers.



See below an overview of the safe areas and the zones for attacking.


BLUE area is the safe zones.

DARK BLUE is the area from which you long range mage hand.

RIGHT SIDE is melee hand.

LEFT SIDE is mage hand!

BLACK TILE is the thumb/portal area, meet here when the portal special happens.



Auto Attacks



Auto Attacks



Prayer orbs will target randomly and half your prayer, if you don't protect against them they will also half your Hitpoints

Above is the correct colours to pray against them.

A message will appear in your chat box when you get targeted and the text will me one of the 3 colours. 



Special Attacks

Crystals will appear under your feet and to avoid this you will need to move 1 tile away. 



If you are hit by this attack, it will turn off your prayer for a short while. remember to turn it back on! 



To avoid damage from this, meet up on the Thumb/portal tile indicated above in positioning!




Acid Phase

If you are targeted by this make sure you turn run offand walk constantly otherwise every tick you will take 4-6 damage, or if you are comfortable use the CTRL + Click feature that allows you to walk with run on!


Crystal Phase

If olm fires a crystal bomb on the floor near you, make sure you are at least 4 tiles away from it to avoid damage!

Falling Crystals, there are 2 types of falling crystals one where you have a red portal mark around you, can be avoided similarly to the acid attack. (edited)

The other Crystal attack is only between Olm phases where olm will randomly make crystal fall from the sky, to avoid this look out for shadows on the floor and move 2 tiles away.


Flame Phase

If Olm burns you or a team mate it will be indicated by a "Burn With Me" text above the players head, to avoid this stay at least 1 tile away from the burning player!

If trapped by the Flame wall use any water spell to escape, unless using ancient or lunar spells make sure you have the lowest spell possible as if you are brewed down it will stop you from escaping, humidify and ice barrage also work on the wall!


Head Phase

On the head phase, Switch to ranged and start killing the head. (edited)

On this phase olm will make crystals fall randomly for the entire time, avoid them as normal. (edited)

Olm will spawn blue pools which heal him, to avoid the healing stand on them. (edited)

if you are in a 1-3 man raid you only have to stand on the pools for a few ticks but if in 4+ stand on them until they start to disappear.