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Nightmare OSRS Guide

Written by Volquisitor on . Posted in OSRS PvM


Hello and welcome to my Nightmare of Ashihama guide! To get started, lets go over my recommended stats, gear, and inventory.



75+ in all combat stats minus ranged,will be the bare minimum, 90+ being much better. If using a trident, a higher magic level will help.



This section will be split into low, med, and high level setups.

  • LOW: Helm of Neitznot, Fury, fighter torso, obby legs/barrows legs, dragon boots, sarachnis cudgel and/or dragon mace, with dragon defender and berserker ring imbued with barrows gloves. Ardy cloak/ fire cape/ myths cape.
  • MED: Neitznot Faceguard, Amulet of Torture, bandos chestplate, bandos tassets, primoridal boots, zamorakian hasta/bludgeon, dragondefender if with hasta, as well as barrows gloves. Fire cape/myths cape.
  • HIGH: Inquistor Great Helm, Inquistor Hauberk, Inquistor Legs, Torture, primodrial boots, ferocious gloves, berseker ring imbued, scythe of vitur on crush/inq mace, if using mace bring avernic defender. Infernal cape.


INVENTORY: The inventory can and will vary greatly from person to person, based on how comfortable you are with the boss. To start off with, you may wish to have some gear switches in your inverntory. You can bring any magic damage boosting gear, as well as things like a sanguinesti staff, a saradomin godsword, dragon claws, a bandos godsword, or a dragon warhammer.

To continue onto the gear switches, this subsection will explain the uses of all of the spec weapons listes.

  • SARADOMIN GODSWORD: The sgs is a very useful item here, as you will always hit your max hit on a sleepwalker, allowing for a large amount of hitpoints and prayer restore. DRAGON CLAWS: Just hoosts damage, but can be very helpful for boosting your drops.
  • BANDOS GODSWORD/DRAGON WARHAMMER: They lower the defence of the boss significantly, however, the nightmare has a massive increase in stat regeneration, so these are arguable the worst spec weapons to bring.
  • DRAGON MACE: A very good low level and cheap spec weapon for boosting your damage. My personal favorite.

    As for the magic boosting gear, this includes things like ancestral and the occult necklace. The sanguinsesti staff is a MASSIVELY useful item at the nightmare, as you hit double damage on pillars, as well as never splash no matter how low your magic level is. This allows you to dps the pillars while healing you. (edited)

    With the gear out of the way, lets get into the rest of the inventory. First and foremost, bring a 1 click teleport close to a bank. This will save you a great many death fees. Always bring a divine or regular super combat pot, as well as either a sanfew serum or rycelims balm. I recommend balm as it is very cheap, and does the exact same thing. Food options are varied, so I will cover some different options below.
    BREWS: You can bring brews with a 3:1 brew to super restore ratio, but i would not recommend this. In the time it takes to sip all those potions, you will likely slip up and get hit again.

HARD FOOD: This is my personal favorite. It is a much cheaper and effective option for healing mid fight, as it it less attention intensive as brews. Mantas, sharks, anglers, or any good high healing hard food will work. Still bring 4 or 5 super restores for prayer.



First and foremost, lets cover the basic 3 attacks. The nightmare can attack in all 3 styles, meele, ranged, and magic. How to identify and neutralize the attacks is as follows:

RANGED: The nightmare will contort her body and arms into unnatural shapes, while making a loud clicking noise. After 3 clicks, she will unleash the ranged attack. SIDE NOTE: ALWAYS do nightmare with sound ON. Pray range, and you will only take up to 6 damage. 

MAGIC: The nightmare will making a whoosing noise, and her hands will move from the bottom right of her body to up and left. There will also be red flecks all around her hands. Pray mage, and you will only take up to 6 damage.

MELEE: This is the hardest attack to prevent. The nightmare will let out an ungodly screeching sound, while dragging her glowing red/pink nails from behind her to infront of her, hitting the person in front of her for a very high amount of damage. HOWEVER, this attack happens incredibly fast, and is near impossible to pray against correctly if not hovering over the protect meele prayer. For this reason, if tanking(more on tanking later), i recommend to switch to protect meele after every attack, then switch to range or mage as needed. Pray meele, and you will only take up to 6 damage. This attack is dangerous for yet another reason: The hitbox is super weird. Sometimes it will hit you even if you are behind, and sometimes it will hit you if you are on the side near the front. I recommend standing roughly dead center next to the nightmare, or maybe 1 tile behind center.




FLOWERS: The nightmare will teleport to the center of the room, and will divide the room into 4 quadrants. 2 lines of flowers will be green, and 2 will be red. Stand in the quadrant with green flowers, and you will not take damage. You can also stand on the rows of green flowers. If in a red quadrang, you will take damage ranging from 4-6 rapidly. It may not sound bad, but it can kill you very fast. Also worth noting that the nightmare continues using normal attacks during this, as well as her 2nd special. 


HAND PORTALS: This is the 2nd special mentioned above. The nightmare will plunge her hands into a black portal below her, and after a few ticks they will come up on tiles beneath or around you. You can easily see which tiles are marked for the hands to come out of, and step off if you are on one. However, they come up quickly, so be ready. Side note: This is very good practice for the phase 2 of the sins of the father final bossfight. Do not attempt to step under the nightmare during this special, as it will count as stepping on one of the portals and hit you hard, up to 50 damage.

HUSKS: The nightmare will spawn 2 husks on several plays, and affected players cannot move until they are killed. One uses magic to attack and one uses ranged. Other plays CAN attack these to help you out. Also, as you cannot move during this, if the nightmare does hand portals while husks are still alive, a portal will never spawn under someone who has husks alive. This can be used as a method to avoid the portals. 

PARASITE: The nightmare will throw several parasites at players, which after a period of time will burst out of your stomach and start healing her! To negate the damage from this, drink a dose of sanfew serum or rylecims balm if you get a parasite in you. This will reduce the damage from 55 to 5. No matter what, the parasite will still spawn. The parasite will begin healing the nightmare at a rapid rate, so it is a MUST that they must be killed as quickly as possible. Should this happen during a pillars phase, instead of healing the nightmare, they will instead lower the charge of the pillars.

DASH: The nightmare will teleport to an edge of the room, and will dash in the direction she is facing after a few ticks. Simply run to the side to avoid this. If hit, it can deal up to 60 damage.

SLEEPWALKERS: At the start of phase 2 and the final phase, the nightmare will summon sleepwalkers. There will be 1 sleepwalker per person, up to a max of 24 sleepwalkers. They spawn in corners and edges of the room and walk to the nightmare. They are always a 1 hit kill, and you will always hit yout max hit against them(good for sgs spec). For every sleepwalker that reaches the nightmare before being killed, the more damage the nighmare will do in her next attack, which is unavoidable. It can hit up to a 70, and has a minimum of 5 damage. 70 damage would be from all sleepwalkers getting in, 5 from none. The attack looks like a pillar a flowers raining down on you.

PUFFIES: The nightmare will spawn puffball mushrooms all around the room. Anyone standing 1 tile next to or on them will have their attack speed lower by 1 tick, as well as their run energy turned off. This lasts until the nightmare removes the puffballs a short while later. No damage is taken from standing next to or on them.

CURSE: Arguably one of.the hardest mechanics to learn. The nightmare will make you screen go pinkish red for a second, then for her next 5 attacks, your prayers are shifted 1 to the right.

So, to properly pray melee, you would click pray range. To pray range, you would click pray magic. To pray magic, you would click pray meele. 



After the nightmare takes enough damage for her shield to fall, she will become invincible while still using all of her attacks. However, in the 4 corners, there are pillars. Hit these with magic to charge them, and when all 4 are fully charged, she will be dealt 800 damage. For reference, she has 2400 health. You can meele these pillars, but magic damage is doubled against them, and you never splash. Use a sang staff on these if you have one. After all the pillars are charged and the damage is dealt, you will be on the next phase. Repeat until she is dead. (edited)

NOTE: The tank is determined by who has the most combined defence bonuses. She will always attack facing the tank, so the tank must be ready to pray meele.

RANDOM INFO FROM HERE ON OUT: To get to the nightmare quickly, use a drakan’s medallion and teleport to ToB. Bank the medallion and run north to slepe, and the undergound west of the altar. (edited)

Once in the undergound, head east until you can go north, then go north.

Deaths cost 60k to get your items back.